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A Different View of the Fairytale Bath

Saturday I posted a favorite bathroom by Anthony Como of Luxe Interiors that I had shot with Michael Partenio for Beautiful Kitchens. It wasn’t the first time I had shot that bath before though. In fact, that same bath ended up on the cover of New England Home magazine the previous year (that’s the only time a bathroom has been on the cover of the magazine ever!).


When I styled the house for New England Home it was a whole house shoot, meaning we had one day to shoot a dozen amazing rooms. We literally only had about 40 minutes to shoot the bathroom, but my photographer for that shoot, Robert Benson, was able to capture a couple of views, including the one that became the cover.



Robert even had time to do this detail of the sheer fabric over the windows (it’s like the finest silk hosiery) and the incredible bead-encrusted trim Anthony chose.


Even when we do end up shooting a house for a second publication, it can look incredibly different. The time of year or light might be different. As you can see from both of those shoots, I propped it totally different and your photographer will bring a different perspective as well. Something else to consider is that each magazine has a different audience. I don’t think I had one person say they had ever seen that bath before when it came out the second time.

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A Fairytale Bath

Don’t you wish you had this dreamy bath to call your own?


I was digging through my magazine pile and found it in last spring’s issue of Beautiful Kitchens & Baths, a magazine I work for that is published by Meredith Corporation, home to such titles as Traditional Home and Better Homes & Gardens.

This is a bath designed by Anthony Como that I styled and that was photographed by Michael Partenio for the magazine. Here are a few of our pics and what you saw in print. You can see more of Anthony’s work on Houzz.



Notice that we didn’t have the purple stock in the photo yet? I added it after I saw this to beef up the arrangement’s color and scale. We shot it both ways for the magazine in case they were worried that the flowers might overpower the design. Those are things you have to keep in mind for your art directors.




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Join Me at ADAC!

I’m so excited to be speaking this Wednesday at the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center for their Digital Day. I’ll be joining Ronda Carman of All the Best Blog and Jennifer Boles of Peak of Chic on a panel moderated by the publisher of Domino Magazine, Beth Brenner. We’ll be gazing into our crystal balls discussing the future of blogging and social media.

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 11.49.54 AM

Later that day I’ll be giving a talk of my own, discussing how to style your work for photo shoots. I’ll be sharing some of the tricks I’ve learned in shooting hundreds of locations for magazines, books, interior designers and architects. Wouldn’t you love to know how to take a room from this


to this.


Or other before and afters like these.





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Vermont Modern Take Two

A few weeks ago I wrote about this amazing modern house in Vermont I styled a few years back and that Michael Partenio photographed near Shelburne Farms. Hats off to the design team of Eric McClelland and Peter Lunney of Toronto-based Fleur-de-lis Interior Design and Birdseye Building Company of Richmond, Vermont. Here’s more. I’m afraid you’re going to have to wait to see the potting room though. I have to admit it deserves its own post!

View of entry sitting room

View of entry sitting room

View of entry sitting room

View of entry sitting room

View of entry sitting room

View of entry sitting room

Dining Room

Dining Room

Lighting above bar

Lighting above bar

Hallway formed by polished steel wall.

Hallway formed by polished steel wall.



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Vermont Modern

Last Thursday and Friday I was in Vermont shooting with interior designer Rachel Reider. While I can’t show you any of those photos yet, it made me think of a house I shot a few years ago with photographer Michael Partenio near Shelburne Farms.

Eric McClelland and Peter Lunney of Toronto-based Fleur-de-lis Interior Design teamed with Birdseye of Richmond, Vermont, to create this of the moment modern house. For the whole story, click here. Otherwise, enjoy the view.



Front door with stained glass.

Just off the entry leading to the master bedroom.

Living room.

Living room.


Yes, there are other photos. More tomorrow, including the best potting room I’ve ever seen!

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Meeting Lillian August & Celebrating 25 Years

Last week I attended the kick-off for a year-long celebration recognizing Lillian August’s 25th year in business. Lillian herself was on hand at the Norwalk, Connecticut, store to talk about her process of design and what she considers important to her work. Read the whole post on the New England Home blog.


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Gray Is the Day

It’s another gray day outside. No green, no blue, no colorful blooms floating on the breeze, just gray. Sort of depressing outside, but oh so beautiful for interiors. Last week on the New England Home blog I shared a few favorite rooms that make the most of gray. Here’s one I styled below. To see the whole post, click on the link above.

Interiors by Kathleen Walsh. Styled by StacyStyle. Photographed by John Bessler.

Interiors by Kathleen Walsh. Styled by StacyStyle. Photographed by John Bessler.

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The Gift of Online Shopping

There are so many great, independent online shops based in New England. I give my top 10 gifts for design lovers on the New England Home blog today. Click here for the link!

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 8.55.33 AM

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Wakefield To the Trade Days This Week

Don’t forget that the Wakefield To the Trade Days is this Wednesday!
For more details on the event, please visit the New England Home blog, where I give an overview of the day.


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Killer Kitchens

Yesterday on the New England Home blog I shared some of my favorite kitchens I’ve styled for New England Home magazine.

The list is so long and so diverse, but of course there’s only so much time in the day to talk about these great spaces. Here are two, but head over to the full post here.

Kitchen by Molly Frey. Photo by Eric Roth.

Kitchen by Molly Frey. Photo by Eric Roth.

Home of artist Daniel Thibeault

Home of artist Daniel Thibeault

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