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StacyStyle, a.k.a. stylist/editor/writer/and producer Stacy Kunstel, is a constant traveler, finding houses and locations for magazines, which she then styles to produce beautiful photo shoots with some of the nation’s top interiors photographers. As the Homes Editor for New England Home magazine (www.nehomemag.com), New England Home Cape & Islands and New England Home Connecticut,  and as a regional editor for Traditional Home, Better Homes & Gardens, Country Living, and Renovation Style, she writes, makes television appearances (see her on Dream Home at http://www.necn.com), and works with interior designers and architects photograph their own work for books and portfolios. Some days StacyStyle might be in Boston, others on Martha’s Vineyard or Palm Beach. Wherever she goes she is always looking for great style and wants to share it with you.



  1. Hi Stacy,

    I came across your blog via LinkedIn… is that your kitchen on the header…beautiful! I also have a post on “pretty organization” and lamps… a new one tomorrow.. Maybe one day we’ll scout that house in Essex, CT I told you about a few years ago… they’ve been a little camera shy…
    take care… Julie B

  2. I found you…the magic of the internet! You are so busy, its astounding!
    Nice meeting you last night,

  3. Hello Stacy,
    I just this evening discovered this extraordinary editorial you did on Sixx Design. Please tell me how I can get my hands on a copy of this editorial. I have been following the Novogratz and truly love what is going on with their Design company. The photos are simply beautiful!…….Peace and Beautiful Love! alicia

  4. Followed a thread on Elements of Style blog – look forward to reading more! Thanks for all you do to make the world beautiful!

    • Thanks, Kristy! So glad you stopped by!

  5. Hi Stacy,

    Just found your fantastic site via A-M at Cape Cod Designs and so glad I did. Your photos are amazing and I am looking forward to spending time reading your past posts.


    • Thanks so much, Ange! Glad you found me!

  6. Found it!

  7. Stacy,
    I recently found your blog and cannot wait to follow it and see the projects you have styled. I absolutely LOVED what you did with the Bierly-Drake house in this months New England Home!
    Amy Meier

    • Thanks so much! I really appreciate it!

  8. Love seeing all the fabulous things you are doing! CK

  9. Love your blog!

  10. Stacy – Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for your nice comments on Mrs. B lately. I am so thrilled for Mr. Lussier – he has been a long time favorite. Patricia

    • Thank you, Mrs. Blandings!

  11. Love your blog! Please add me to your list for updates.

  12. Stacy,
    I just stumbled upon you through Rooms with a View, Southport and love your coverage and photos. When you are in the Essex vicinity, I can take you to some amazing locations nearby to our shop and showroom.

  13. Hi Stacy,

    How are you? I just discovered your blog and wanted to send you an image of a new chair that we created recently. Can I email it to you?


  14. Just found your blog. It is amazing. Off to read the rest of it!
    Letitia Linke, Maitland, South Australia.

  15. Loooking forward to hearing you speak at the bloggers conference in Feb. Sadly, your blog does not have a follow button for facebook or a sign up button for blog post updates or am I just not seeing it?

    • Hi Diane,
      I look forward to meeting you! The follow button is in the About Me section (for some reason), or you can follow me through Networked Blogs. I’m sorry it isn’t any easier! sk

  16. Hey Stacy – Do you have a RSS feed available for your blog? I’d love to follow it regularly! Thanks!

    • Never mind – I figured it out & am now following!! Thanks!

  17. Stacy,
    Really enjoy your blog. I represent Brandner Design of Bozeman, MT. We design and build sculptural furniture and architectural features including oven hoods and exquisite metal tiles and panels for both residential and commercial applications.
    Working with reclaimed and recycled materials Brandner Design creates functional works of art of timeless quality and style. We
    invite you to visit our website. We’ve done some fabulous pieces and homes from Montana to NYC. We’d be interested in your thoughts on our work. David

  18. Stacy sweetie,
    so excited to see you in print. I have not looked at any of your styles but I KNOW they are fabulous, I will soon just had to say HI Girl ! Keep me informed of all you do. I will be your number one fan next to CK. Love Nancy Dungan

    • Thanks so much, Nancy! So nice of you to stop by! Best, Stacy

  19. Stacy, I am not a designer…..just a wannabee. But I am a homeowner and for two years I have saved a page from Better Homes and Gardens (September 2012, page 36), There is a picture of a coffee table I am coveting….its from Katie Couric’s living room….criss cross legs, dark wood. Can you give me the manufacturer or tell me where I can find it? Thank you so much for whatever help you can give me.

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