Posted by: stacystyle | March 31, 2014

A Different View of the Fairytale Bath

Saturday I posted a favorite bathroom by Anthony Como of Luxe Interiors that I had shot with Michael Partenio for Beautiful Kitchens. It wasn’t the first time I had shot that bath before though. In fact, that same bath ended up on the cover of New England Home magazine the previous year (that’s the only time a bathroom has been on the cover of the magazine ever!).


When I styled the house for New England Home it was a whole house shoot, meaning we had one day to shoot a dozen amazing rooms. We literally only had about 40 minutes to shoot the bathroom, but my photographer for that shoot, Robert Benson, was able to capture a couple of views, including the one that became the cover.



Robert even had time to do this detail of the sheer fabric over the windows (it’s like the finest silk hosiery) and the incredible bead-encrusted trim Anthony chose.


Even when we do end up shooting a house for a second publication, it can look incredibly different. The time of year or light might be different. As you can see from both of those shoots, I propped it totally different and your photographer will bring a different perspective as well. Something else to consider is that each magazine has a different audience. I don’t think I had one person say they had ever seen that bath before when it came out the second time.

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