Posted by: stacystyle | April 29, 2014

Phil Luangrath at High Point

I have to admit that I first became friends with Phil Luangrath and then I became a customer. Phil and his partner Favio have a booth adjacent to the Dunes and Duchess booth in Atlanta during the biannual gift show. Over the past couple of years Michael and I have gotten to know them better and now we look forward to seeing them at other shows such as the New York gift show in August and High Point, where we saw them earlier this month.

Here is their gorgeous booth in Market Square.


Phil designs and has made the most exquisite handbags, leather goods and accessories.



And then there are the jewels, made with precious and semi-precious stones and looking altogether fabulous.



And gorgeous stone keepsake boxes that would look dazzling on a coffee table.


There’s also an amazing furniture line that Phil is designing, but I’m saving that for the New England Home blog to use as an Editor’s Pick. Look for it this Friday. You can also find Phil on Instagram to see what his newest creations are at @philluangrathstore. The other day I saw a photo of the new croc bags that look like cerused oak that had been stained black.

After an dismal Valentine’s Day in 2013, my Michael redeemed himself by presenting me with my own Phil-designed jewels this year. I’ve worn them nonstop since, evening pairing them with a T-shirt in South Beach a few weeks ago.


Phil and Fabio have a retail store in New York on 19 Commerce Street (next to one of the hottest restaurants in the city!). I plan to make a pilgrimage this summer and to come back with more than photos!



  1. Glad to know about this line, Stacy! Thanks for sharing with us-

  2. LOVE those earrings! Good job Michael!!

  3. thanks a mil stacy 🙂

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