Posted by: stacystyle | May 21, 2012

Monday Mantra—Keeping Ego in Order.

“I take my work incredibly seriously; I just don’t take my ego seriously.”
Amanda Nisbet in Lonny Magazine, March/April 2012

I had the pleasure of meeting the interior designer Amanda Nisbet at the New York International Gift Fair last January and got to visit with her in the Dunes and Duchess booth. There always seems to be a sparkle in her eye in photos of her I had seen in magazines that accurately captured the warmth and sincerity she projects in the flesh. In the article by Robert Leleux in Lonny magazine she talks about her office and office style, which lead to this particular quote. It’s such a good reminder and such a pleasantry to see that in someone we most admire and who has had much success (her Kip’s Bay room will likely remain my all-time favorite). She must have been raised right.

Amanda Nisbet at NYIGF



  1. But you’ve earned your right to a little ego Stacy with all your hard work and your gorgeous styling. Love your furry vest it’s fabulous! I hope you’re well!


  2. Stacy, you always look like a super model in every photo, and in her person! Your beauty is obvious and your sense of style is off the charts. As for ego, yours is a healthy confident one! Adore Amanda Nisbet too. xoxo

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