Posted by: stacystyle | August 3, 2013

InstaWeek—Photo Shoot Crazy

This week in Instagram photos says it all (like why I don’t blog everyday—I’m working). Last Friday night it was JFK-SLC.


I was headed with my partner Michael Partenio to shoot at Mustang Monument, one of the most glorious places on earth you could ever visit. Located 2 1/2 hours outside of Salt Lake City and 25 miles south of Wells, Nevada, Mustang Monument is an eco-resort (opening next summer) and wild mustang refuge.


Real cowboys are a weakness.


So is the infinite beauty of the West.


Coffee in the morning outside the teepee is almost a religious experience. In the distance you can see wild mustangs grazing in front of mountain peaks.


Here is a luxury tent where you sleep.


And of course a game tent where a friendly round of cards after dinner is a must.


Even though it was the end of July, we threw on jackets and gathered around the campfire to hear the wonderfully talented Hunter of Hunter and Avery.



I even got to ride a little while I wasn’t working.


A redeye home meant that I could prepare for this week’s three photo shoots for New England Home. I borrowed this great painting by Kerri Rosenthal from Pimlico in New Canaan along with these vases for my first shoot.


Caught styling.


More photo shoot scenes from Instagram.


Loved this backyard.



This coming week takes me to the Hamptons for most of the week to style a party barn for Better Homes & Gardens. Check out StacyStyle on Instagram for the feed!



  1. Your shots are all wonderful, but I was so glad to see the Mustang Ranch and teepee accommodation shots. It does look beautiful out there. You looked quite at home on the range!

  2. hey stacy,

    the teepee’s are so yummy. looking forward to catching up in a couple of weeks.


  3. You’re quite the traveler “pardner”… 🙂 I feel so claustrophobic after seeing your ranch photos. Makes me think of the song originally penned by Cole Porter – “Don’t Fence Me In”.


  4. Stacy,
    I’ll have to Instagram photos of Moyer Ranch in KS, when we are there later this month! Love the Kerri Rosenthal painting you chose. Hang in there…..I know life can be crazy busy! xx Elizabeth

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