Posted by: stacystyle | April 13, 2012

5 Best Things—Books by Friends, Lulu DK, Instagram and Easter

1. I remember meeting photographer Tria Giovan at a Southern Accents showhouse a dozen years ago and thinking that she was probably the coolest woman on the planet. Since then I’ve had the pleasure of shooting with her and creating a number of gorgeous feature stories for Traditional Home, New England Home and Better Homes & Gardens. Tria’s just released a beautiful tabletop book called Sand Sea Sky: The Beaches of Sagaponack filled with the most ethereal images.

2. Second only to Tria for coolest woman on the planet status would have to be author and style maven Susanna Salk who has also just come out with a new book titled Be Your Own Decorator: Taking Inspiration and Cues From Today’s Top Designers, which she describes not as a how-to book, but a why not? That’s just so Diana Vreeland to me! Besides loving the ballsy title and the yumlicious images (there’s even something in there that I styled!) I love the concept. This is a book that really shows the home as a personality, something some magazines are missing.

3. Also making the cool girl list has to be artist and fabric designer Lulu deKwiatkowski, who I met this week at the Boston Design Center along with Susan North, the creative director for Schumacher. I was asked to interview the two of them about Lulu’s new line of children’s fabrics in front of a crowd of about 150 interior designers. Look for more on the fabrics on the blog next week.

4. This week Facebook acquired Instagram for a billion dollars. I started posting there after I learned about it at the Design Bloggers Conference in L.A. and have been addicted to it ever since. I love the instant sharing, the photo filters and seeing what my friends and style gurus are up to. Here’s a photo I’ve shared.

5. I am beginning to think that decorating for Easter trumps Christmas. There’s just too much fun to be had with those eggs. We incorporated nail polish this year, which seams to be a hit.



  1. Ethereal was the word the instantly came to mind when I saw the book cover image. Early morning fog shrouded ocean beaches and rocky shorelines are one of my favorite times of day. The light, tints and hues take on a magical and mysterious character I love to absorb.

    Easter egg simply bring back happy memories of sitting around the kitchen table, fingers dyed an odd assortment of colors, experimenting and wondering what would happen if I dipped this dyed egg into that other dye color. My Mom still has the Easter egg tree we used to hang our decorated eggs on. She now uses it as her Christmas tree.


  2. Stacy, You were a fantastic moderator for the LuluDK/Schumacher seminar. I keep thinking “ask (this question) at the end” — and sure enough, you asked the question for me! I agree with you – Lulu – is one very cool and talented chick! Oh and btw, your eggs are great (clever, the nail polish) – so funny that in the same post with Lulu — go to her blog and check out her egg painting get-together and her beautiful eggs! (p.s. There’s and “I Love You” one in her dozen.)

  3. Nail polish! What a great idea. We did polka dots (using little round stickers and then peeling them off once color dried) and I was very pleased with that idea!

  4. coloufull eggs… please keep 1 for me….

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