Posted by: stacystyle | March 12, 2012

Monday Mantra—Help a Sister Out

“There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.”
― Madeleine Albright

One of my dearest friends, journalist Trine Nygaard Wibrand, has this quote on her Facebook page. Read it. Know it. Live it. Have a great week.

Portrait by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders



  1. I so believe this! When we ladies help one another we elevate our experience here on earth. Love this quote! xoxo

  2. …and you help the world in ways that men can not.


  3. So true! And you live it too. Always great about showcasing others work and supporting them.

    • Thanks so much, Janna! I so appreciate you stopping by!

  4. Truer words have never been spoken!


  5. And there you have it!! I felt a bit like the new girl in the High Schoool cafeteria with all those dizzying traffic numbers floating around, at the Design Bloggers Conference. Do you think the blogs are like tweaking your handicap in golf? Any way, you, as an actual and virtual media person treated me like “Such a person!” It was lovely to meet you. Come by and see my pictures of Hutton’s and a peak into Casa Conti, the guest house.

  6. Word!

  7. Amen to that! Ms. Albright was a professor of mine at Georgetown and even back then, she was amazing!

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