Posted by: stacystyle | March 2, 2012

5 Best Things—Design Blogger Conference

This past week I’ve been in Los Angeles at the Design Bloggers Conference put on by Design Sherpa. Last year was the inaugural event and absolutely blew my mind. This year I thought how could I possibly be as excited? But as the timing to go drew near and more announcements were made as to who would speak and who would attend my adrenaline rushed as if I were a first time attendee. Here are my top 5 highlights of the trip.

1. A conference is only as good as its speakers. I listened about the fabulous life of Martyn Lawrence Bullard, I learned what hard work and passion are from Bunny Williams, a powerhouse named Macala Wright from FashionablyMarketing.Me blew my mind with her vast knowledge and insight, and people like Ronda Carman (All the Best Blog), Tobi Fairley (Tobi Fairley Interior Design), Cassandra LaValle (Coco+Kelley and Rue Magazine), and Kelley Moore gave me a glimpse into the future of blogging.

Interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Bunny Williams

Moderator Kyle Hoepner with Ronda Carman, Tobi Fairley, and Cassandra Lavalle

2. I was honored to conduct my own panel, “Blogging, the New Marketing and P.R.” with panelists Kris Kennedy of Wayfair, Tami McCarthy of TMG P.R. and Liza Weiner of Susan Becher & Associates. I was most excited to learn from them that in the future there will be more collaboration between brands and clients with bloggers.

Tami McCarthy, Liza Weiner, Kris Kennedy and me

3. Awards for the best blogs were given out on Monday. The amazing winners included:
Best New Blog—Meredith Heron
Best Writing on a Blog—Peak of Chic
Best Graphics, Presentation—Coco+Kelley
Best Overall Design Blog—Tobi Fairley
Congratulations to everyone!

4. Another huge awards announcement came when Traditional Home editor Ann Maine and publisher Beth Brenner arrived to reveal the 10 New Trads of 2012 along with the bloggers who nominated them. For the full list click here.

Ann Maine and Beth Brenner

5. What could be better than a big party with the most amazing designers and bloggers? Traditional Home and Kravet put on a great show at the beautiful Harbinger on Tuesday night. I was thrilled to meet IRL the gorgeous and talented CocoCozy (her new fabric line was on display at Harbinger as well), Christian May, Jill Seidner, and so many others there’s neither time nor room. You can find a ton of photos on the Traditional Home Facebook page here and you can see ALL of my photos from the week on the StacyStyle Facebook page here.

TradHome-Kravet party at Harbinger

Joe Lucas, Cassandra LaValle, Stacy Kunstel, and David Heikka



  1. Stacy – Fascinating post. If collaboration between bloggers, clients and brands is part of the future of blogging. How does print media fit into the picture? Where is it’s future going and evolving?


  2. Thanks so much for sharing these top tips with us! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. It definitely was a fascinating and energizing few days; I’m already mentally brainstorming ideas for next year.

  4. BTW, did you happen to run into Nathan Turner at the Harbinger party? He turns out to be just as nice as he seems…no wonder Bravo thinks he’s not “dramatic” enough on Million Dollar Decorator.

    • I didn’t meet him until the next day when I popped over to the store at the invite of Jane Scott Hodges. I bought two vintage Italian navy blankets that are to die! He was very nice.

  5. great meeitng you, stacy, and great recap!

    • Thank you so much, Christian! So nice to meet you too! Please keep in touch!

  6. I loved meeting you at Hutton Wilkinson’s on Sunday and throughout the conference. That Jules Reid coat was fabulous!
    I thought it was a terrific week. Nathan Turner was a highlight of my trip too. He was dear. Sorry to have missed you at the Leontine show.

    • Such a pleasure, Holly! Thank you so much! I finally made it to Nathan’s around 1:45 after it had cleared out. We were shooting at Hutton’s that day and I ran out to say hi to him and Jane Scott Hodges. So glad I did. He’s a Dunes and Duchess fan! (Keeping my fingers crossed!)

  7. Wow a lot of bloggers showed up for this years event and great speakers. Nice hearing how design will start working with the blog community.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  8. Stacy it was so much fun to see you. You are indeed fabulous & beautiful in all ways. I loved the Design bloggers Conference. Got a real kick out of your post.

    Jennifer Duchene

    • Great to see you too, Jennifer!

  9. I called my website designer after the conference to share my notes on FMM. After recommending migration from google to wordpress due to the fact that google owns our content, fact of the matter is that so does WP. And, if I migrated, my dear followers would be lost. There you have it. I need him to guest post.

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