Posted by: stacystyle | February 17, 2012

5 Best Things—Valentines, Better Than a Baby Gate, Carson & Co., Mirrored Wainscoting & More

1. On this Valentine’s week I’m so lucky that I live particularly close to Bridgewater Chocolates. This year I got my requisite box of toffee along with this milk chocolate disc with a dark chocolate medallion on it.

2. This week while shooting a house designed by Wadia Associates and Cindy Rinfret I encountered the most gorgeous and outrageous wainscoting I’ve ever seen. Check out this incredible mirrored pattern that encircled the dining room.

3. I wish I could explain the fascination I have with the array of brushes you can find at Privet House in Greenwich, Connecticut. They each have a specific use, but I would love to store bouquets of them around the house like they do in this stylish store.

4. I scouted a house by interior designer Robin McGarry and architect Rob Sanders in Connecticut. The family had four adorable children and a dog and not one ugly baby/dog gate in the house because Rob custom designed two easy open gates for the stairs. The first is in the more formal part of the house.

But I absolutely adored the Swiss cheese version on back stairs near the kitchen and upstairs close to the kids’ bedrooms!

5. I had spotted this gorgeous scarf by Carson & Co. at the New York International Gift Fair, but had no idea it was to be my Valentine’s gift from Dunes. I love the combination of bright orange with pink! Susan Carson has an entire collection of amazing fabrics, clothes and furnishings you should check out too.



  1. Wadia Associates is a brilliant firm. I heard Mr. Wadia speak at an ICA&A event several years ago. As he showed images of his work, he told his story. It was inspiring. I think that is why today he is such a warm and approachable person. (the wallpaper above the wainscot looks pretty good, too…)

    The gates are brilliant!!!

    Mr. Dunes has your styled pegged 🙂


  2. Adore those baby gates. Gives me hope for a future of baby proofing. That guy should go into business with those!

  3. Those baby gates are amazing! I’m totally having my Dad build me one of these when I have a baby!

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