Posted by: stacystyle | February 13, 2012

Monday Mantra—Your Path

“I didn’t know I’d be on this road. In my head I was going to be the ambassador to Spain!”

Carlton Varney in an interview with Rima Suqi in the New York Times, 26 January 2012

Sometimes you just don’t know where your path is going to take you even if you think you’ve got it all mapped out. I hope life takes you off-roading this week! Have a great one!



  1. Sometimes I think we wouldn’t be as successful if we always know where we are going. Surprises force us to adapt and test ourselves, and I think that’s what makes us better at whatever we do. Great inspiration today, thanks!

  2. I’m always fascinated by people’s life stories. I was going to be a biologist, an anthropologist, a psychologist. Here I am an interior designer. I wonder how many of us have a degree in what we’re doing today.

    I love of roading…

  3. I started off as a commercial architect and here I am in textiles. Sometimes the road less traveled is the more enjoyable one!


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