Posted by: stacystyle | February 10, 2012

5 Best Things—Gallery Opening, Design

You’d think we were in spring already the way people are buzzing and booking photo shoots. There just aren’t enough days in February to get it all done! Here are five great things from this week.

1. This week I was styling images for interior designer Cindy Rinfret’s next book with Rizzoli. Her first book, Classic Greenwich Style, has gone into multiple printings. While I can’t share any of the photos we shot, I had to share this amazing headboard she designed using an Asian screen. She backed and surrounded it with a mossy green velvet, adding the Greek key trim with nailheads. So chic!

2. If you’re in Great Barrington, looking for a little lunch and have a love of Parisian baguettes with jambon et buerre, you must stop at Bizalion’s Fine Food. I always pick up a sandwich and a cup of their particularly good coffee and a sweet before heading south on Route 7. There are also local meats, imported cheeses and sausages, and five or six olive oils to choose from in bulk.

3. Last night I was at Samuel Owen Gallery (@SOGallery on Twitter) for the opening of photographer Stephanne Kossman’s black and white images of Hollywood’s finest on the red carpet for the Cannes Film Festival, an event he’s been shooting for 20 years. Incredible, intimate images of stars on display is so fitting now that we’re in the thick of the awards season.

4. Just down the road from Bizilion’s is the antiques store Gervasi West. I always love their vignettes and think they make perfect still lifes. (Sorry, no web site. You’ll have to visit them on Route 7 on your way south out of town on the west side).

5. How fun that Stew Leonard’s is selling brussels sprouts on the stalk? I broke into a huge smile when I saw this pile of green goodness.



  1. Great to see you last night at the opening and to meet Cindy – can’t wait for the book!! I have actually eaten at Bizalion’s – their salad dressing is fabulous!! And I buy brussel sprouts on the stalk whenever I can – it might just be my imagination, but I do think they taste better!!

    • Lots of good people last night, Stacey, and they all knew you were famous!

  2. Off the stalk is always better…

    Love reading these “travelogue” slices of life.


  3. I have been to Bizalion’s. It is such a great place. Love seeing the large framed images, too!!

  4. Sorry to have missed you last night – with the nanny sick and the hubby traveling, I was on kid duty! So excited to see that Cindy is coming out with a new book and wonder if she’ll include a beautiful home we did in Rye with her!

  5. I love Great Barrington and will go back down this spring and visit Jocie for some fun shopping. Brussels sprouts love them but the husband would be cringing seeing those stalks. Snow day tomorrow can’t wait I actually miss it now!


    • How much snow are you expecting? A lot?

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