Posted by: stacystyle | January 30, 2012

Monday Mantra—Age quod agis

“Age quod agis.”

But what does that mean? It means, “Do what you’re doing.” But what does that mean? I take it to mean let the distractions fall away and be conscious. Actually do what you’re doing, which may mean putting multi-tasking aside for a moment. Try it and have a great week.

Picking shells at Georgica Beach in the Hamptons



  1. I’m not sure it’s possible to put multi-tasking aside since as an American we try to fill up every single second in our days. I wonder why as a country we’re like that? Nice thought just to focus on what’s in front of you.


  2. Sally and I were talking with a client about a similar notion over dinner last night. We looked around the adjacent tables and took note of all the people sitting together who were on their hand held devices testing, etc. as opposed to conversing with their table mates. So many people connecting remotely, doing who knows what, and doing it alone as opposed to connecting with the people they were with. Not at all what dining out used to be… ( or possibly even dinner or entertaining at home?) That spun off into a speculative conversation about the impact of today’s technology on our sense of neighborhood and community. Clearly it is changing.

    We actually do have the ability to make choices and conscious decisions about how, when and where we multi-task. We can choose to set limits.
    I have set aside three times a day where I will not multi-task. I walk away from the world of immediate access to recharge myself.

    I find I am working more effectively, feeling less pressure and enjoying life more.


  3. Great advice!!!

  4. Mindful and in the moment…thank you for the reminder…love it!

  5. Hey Stacy, That phrase was my schools motto. They transformed it a bit by adding: “…well.” Still live by it.

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