Posted by: stacystyle | January 24, 2012

Travel Tuesday—The Nantucket Ferry

There’s something about getting on a boat and crossing a large body of water to an island that makes you feel one step removed from normal life. Why did I miss that call or not return that email? I was on an island. People seem to be willing to accept that excuse.

The Steamship Authority runs a few ferries a day to the island of Nantucket that take both cars and passengers. There are passenger-only high-speed ferries one can take, but I typically have to take a truck filled with flowers and props for photo shoots when I go to the island. The crossing takes 2 1/2 hours and you never know what type of weather you might encounter on that long slog. I’ve had balmy nights when I’ve sat on the highest deck drinking a bottle of wine with friends, frigid days when the deck was icy, and sunny mornings I’ve slept in the sun stretched out on a bench. My favorite crossings however are the foggy, windless, still and slightly ominous ones when the land blends into the water and the horizon line melts away leaving you just a big disoriented.

Here are a few photos I’ve taken over the past two years during my crossings.

This is a photo of the water coming off the boat taken with a long exposure.

Happy crossings to you.



  1. Great shots! And I agree with you, the beauty of the fog feels like you are going into a sort of neverland….just what we all need for a short while!

    • And your cell service does short out during the middle of the trip. Ahhhhh…

  2. Love that ferry! Though we try hard not to bring a car and will take the high-speed one as an alternate.

    A favorite memory is how the sun shines on the water and makes it sparkle – just gorgeous!

    So, do you throw a penny overboard each time that you leave {making a wish that you’ll return again}?

    • Marcy,
      I didn’t know about that tradition of throwing a penny. I’ll totally do that next time!

  3. Love Nantucket. Lived there after college. Worked for 2 interior designers; brothers (Jim & Jack Hendrix -sp?). House painted for them, gardened, etc. Long time ago. I lived in Sconset. Last house at bridge. There was then a sign on it: “5000 Miles to Spain.”

  4. Huge fan of any and all ferries… and still remember a sunset trip back from Nantucket replete with wine and cheese! Almost didn’t make the boat but did and toasted our luck… See you soon!

  5. Going to Nantucket for our anniversary in May… you’ve made me long for the ferry boat ride away from reality & the trip even more!

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    Thank you for providing these details.

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