Posted by: stacystyle | January 13, 2012

5 Best Things—Flea Market Finds, New NEH Cover, Ab Fab & More

1. A quick peek in my favorite flea market this week yielded some beautiful prizes—gorgeous crystal wine glasses (perfect for a summer rosé), a couple of antique melon ballers, a silver cup, a wet suit, cutting board, an English ironstone pitcher, an antique painted Italian frame and high ball glasses all for less than $30. Score!

2. The new Privet House web site. Divine. And not just because the photography was done by the special man in my life, Michael Partenio. Privet House is this one of New England’s premiere shopping/collecting/coveting destinations with locations in Greenwich and Warren, Connecticut. Check their Tumbler page for a big announcement later today.

3. For the first time ever, New England Home Connecticut will have an elegant bath on the cover. It’s one that I styled and photographer Robert Benson shot. The interior design is by Anthony Como of Luxe Interiors. It is exceptionally dreamy. Look for the issue on newsstands starting next week.

4. Thanks to a Facebook post by stylist friend and blogger Annette Joseph I caught that two of my favorite people in the world were back on television. Patsy and Edina are just as entertaining as they were 20 years ago. I hope Sex and the City will be as good when they have to bring it back.

Photo courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

5. I received an invite yesterday to the new opening at Jules Place, a gallery in Boston. I am absolutely enthralled with one of the artists being featured there right now named Debby Krim. Debby’s series, “The Color of White,” is one of the most beautiful ensembles of photography I’ve seen in some time. Play the slideshow on her web site and prepare to be awed.

Photo by Debby Krim



  1. Do tell? Where is the flea market?? Love those finds. Congrats on that cover. Totally beautiful. Happy Friday.

  2. Sally and I first used Debby’s work from that collection in a small show house we were in, which led to our placing her work in several projects we were working on. She is a remarkable artisit!

    That cover shot makes me think of Alice in Wonderland.

    I echo Carol’s question on the flea market…


    • Of course you knew about her!

  3. Great post Stacy! I too have used Debby’s work and just placed in a client’s bedroom, nothing more relaxing or transporting than her current pieces…gorgeous!

    love that amongst all the glassware and antique frames, you found a wetsuit! love it…happy surfing.

  4. Looking forward to checking out Privet House in Greenwich once we move back to CT this summer…just spent several minutes going through the site…really wonderful!

    • Annie,
      There are so many great stores in the Fairfield and Litchfield Country areas. I should try to post about more!

  5. Thanks to John Kelsey, I found your blog! How fun to read what you have written about my work. The work showing at Jule’s Place is my infrareds, although she does have a grouping of “The Colors of White” on hand. I also have a large grouping at the studio if anyone is interested in seeing them in person. My website is

    • Love your work! Can’t wait to see it in person!

      • Thanks! Make sure to introduce yourself!

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