Posted by: stacystyle | January 8, 2012

Best of 2011—The 5 Best Things of the Past Year

While as you read last week that my 2012 has not had the best start, 2011 was a pretty amazing year. Here are the top 5 moments of 2011 for me personally.

1. 2011 started off with a bang with a trip to Los Angeles to spend New Year’s Eve preparing for the Rose Bowl Parade in Pasadena. Photographer Michael Partenio and I were invited by Madeleine Pickens to photograph the float she had created to raise awareness for her organization, Saving America’s Mustangs. Please check out her site and look at the amazing work she has done to save the nation’s wild horses from slaughter and abuse.

Boone and Madeleine Pickens in front of the Saving America's Mustang float

2. A second trip to L.A. a month later took me to the Design Bloggers Conference. While I’ve never considered myself a conference type of person, this was one of the most valuable experiences I’ve had in terms of making connections and learning more about the blogging world. I was one of the moderators for a panel that included the editors of Traditional Home, Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles, Rue, and an executive producer for HGTV, and I met so many people who have become an important and supportive part of my life. The whole event has led to a slew of opportunities.

Clint Smith, Ronda Carman, me, Cassandra Lavalle and Scot Meacham Wood

3. France. What more can I say. I actually went to France twice this year, visiting Paris, Versailles and Bordeaux the first trip and Cap Ferrat, Canne and Provence the second. I came back with renewed creative energy and ideas each time. There’s just really something to be said for exploring outside of your element.

4. 2011 was an amazing year in publishing for me too. I was lucky to have some really fantastic assignments. Here are some of the highlights.
I had multiple New England Home covers in 2011, but I had two real favorites. This one I loved because of the outrageously over the top flowers I was allowed to create. (Interior design by Nancy Serafini)

This one was for the perfect day we had to shoot such an image. (Design by Hutker Architects)

For Better Homes & Gardens some highlights were getting to style stories with Katie Brown, the Novogratz family, and I created Christmas in the month of May that appears in the December issue.

Me with Cortney and Bob Novogratz in their New York home

The crew at Katie Brown

I also had a gorgeous story in the June issue of Traditional Home on a house done by designer Maureen Footer.

Photos by Werner Straube

5. Blogging.
A few months ago I made a commitment to put more time and effort into my blog, which means blogging more. There’s now a Monday Mantra, a Travel Tuesday, and Friday features my 5 Best Things of the week. Those of you who do it on a daily basis know what a struggle it is maintain a schedule. I write the StacyStyle blog, a blog for my lighting and homes accessories company Dunes and Duchess and I write twice a month for the New England Home blog. It’s a challenge that has been so rewarding, but also a struggle as I run two companies, travel full time for them and help care for two boys and three dogs. The feedback and encouragement and what I learn from doing this though is invaluable. For every person reading these words thank you for that!



  1. You should be so proud of all of your accomplishments! Somehow, I know, we just go, go, go, and when you look back it’s always been a fun ride, right?! You are inspirational…

  2. How you keep up and maintain all yoru ventures (and adventures), while often on the road, is a reflection of your drive, commitment and passion for life, work and community. As business owners,bloggers and admirers of your work, Sally and I have a great deal of respect for you and applaude you!

    May 2012 end up being as wonderful and memorable as 2011 for you.


  3. Those are some pretty spectacular highlights! I have high hopes and best wishes that 2012 will be an even better year despite its tough start.

  4. Love that shot of you in Paris! Here’s to a fab 2012 for you!

    • Adorable Boy, So nice of you to stop by! I hope you are well!

  5. I wish I could say I had that great of a year last year but I didn’t but this year is shaping up to be a good year! You look so happy in your Paris pictures and while you might be incredibly busy you still have a life most people would kill for. Here’s to your year ahead shaping up!

    Happy New Year Stacy!


  6. Love this post, Stacy! What a year you’ve had!

  7. What a great year, honey!

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