Posted by: stacystyle | January 6, 2012

5 Best Things—New BH&G Book, Friends Making Good, New Cover, a Great Sale

I hate to say that my 2012 did not start off in a good way. Early New Year’s Eve day my dear grandma passed away. She was an amazing person and I miss her terribly. By that evening I was sick with a cold and on the flight home to Kansas I got an ear infection and am still feeling horrible. However, this list provides such a bright silver lining that I feel that the year does hold much promise.

1. I was thrilled to receive a copy of the Better Homes & Gardens New Decorating Book in the mail today. At first I was just flipping through it to see which projects I had styled had been included, but then I started putting Post-It notes on decorating ideas I wanted to incorporate into my own home. I think I marked 50 pages! There are hundreds of gorgeous photos and columns throughout like Try This Storage, Think Like a Decorator and Paint Like a Pro. I’m so proud to be a contributor to this new book.

2. Another great piece that came in the mail this week was the new issue of New England Home that features a cover I styled, which photographer Michael Partenio shot. It’s a beautiful home in Vermont by Bird’s Eye Design Studio. Please check it out.

3. In other magazine news I was thrilled to flip through the pages of Elle Decor’s January issue to see my friend Rhonda Carman quoted in its pages. If you don’t know her by name, Ronda is the creator and editor of All the Best Blog, one of the most widely read design blogs in the world. If there’s a designer I want to know more about I start there as she has interviewed the very best. Besides the blog, Ronda is also the Global Brand Ambassador for Sferra Linens and is writing a book for Rizzoli. If you’re headed to the Design Blogger Conference in Los Angeles in February, she’s a featured speaker.

4. It’s my favorite time of the year at the Lillian August flagship store in Norwalk, Connecticut, this week as it is one of their yearly sales with prices slashed on everything from sofas to tabletop items.

I also noticed that they’ve added a new Waterworks section to the store. It’s like a mini Waterworks with tubs, towels, soaps and accessories.

5. The absolutely best thing about this week though is having an amazingly loving, supportive family and friends. I hope all of you out there are as lucky as I am to be surrounded by so much unconditional love. Here’s a photo from a few years back of me and my grandma. Every day she practiced the joy of giving. I hope to give a lot this year by recognizing people for their good work and helping them become more known to a wider audience through my blog and magazine work.



  1. I’m so sorry about your Grandmother, Stacy.

  2. Stacy, I am so so sorry to hear of your loss. her legacy lives through you and all you do for your friends, family and the design community. You will be in Sally’s and my thoughts and prayers.

    Congratulations on your inclusion in BH&G’s new book! We’ll have to check it out. Can’t wait to see more of the Vermont home. The cover looks gorgeous!

    Off to visit Rhonda’s blog.


  3. Hi Stacy. I’m so sorry about your loss. My grandmother was my greatest friend growing up and 30 years later I still think of her many times in a week. To your post, it’s great! I need to grab a copy of the new book. Man you get around! :). I hope you have a fabulous 2012. Carol Beck

  4. Stacy, I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I am thinking of you and cannot wait to see you in February! You are the BEST!
    Ronda xo

  5. Oh, Stacy, we’re so sorry to hear that 2011 ended this year… and our thoughts go out to you and your family. We hope you can take the weekend to care for yourself and feel better. Got to get our hands on BH&G’s new book!

  6. Again, larger photos please.

  7. My sincere condolences.

  8. Hi Stacy,

    I’m so sorry about your grandmother. My grandparents were an incredibly loving part of my life. I still hold them close and feel their presence often. Wishing you the best in 2012…

  9. Sad about your grandmother. Hope you’re feeling okay.

    On a happier note, I love all the proliferation of posts!


    • Thank you so much, Anne!

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