Posted by: stacystyle | December 31, 2011

5 Best Things This Week—Saks, Homemade and Lego Wars

I hope you all had a holiday full of love, compassion, and sharing. I consider myself so lucky to have so many wonderful people in my life. I am particularly lucky to have family as friends and friends who are family. Here’s a recap of this week.

1. The amazing outdoor 3D video display at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York by the creative agency Iris. If you can’t see it in person, watch it here. It’s magical!

2. The Christmas cookie mess! I love it!

3. My creative sister hand made this tea caddy for my purse so I won’t be without my tea when I’m on the go. I love that she took the time to make such a beautiful, useful gift for me.

4. Our good friend Michael Yedowitz made us this beautiful loaf of homemade bread. It’s almost as beautiful as the wainscoting he makes at his company Wainscot Solutions.

5. After reading about it on the blog Quintessence, I finally got to visit the Samuel Owen Gallery in Greenwich, Connecticut, to see Lego Wars, the exhibit featuring the photography of Dale May. Legos and Louis Vuitton? ‘Nuf said. Check it out before it closes January 19.



  1. Looks like a great week – so glad you got to see Lego Wars!!

  2. Good morning Stacy,

    I just spent the last half hour poking through youtube looking at more 3D projection videos. Incredible! ( While eating the last of the Christmas cookies for breakfast…)

    Home made presents are the best cause they’re made with love. You have a terrific sister!

    When did Michael find time to make the bread. Does he never sleep???
    In our house, it wold be gone in one sitting!!!

    Lego’s at a whole new level! I’d love to make it down to see it in person.


  3. I found your blog just before the holidays and had to come back to check out your favorite New England shops you posted about a few weeks ago. They are on my list to visit…but I’m loving your 5 Best Things…I think I love the hand made gift from your sister best…a tea caddy for your bag…perfect! And that bread…I made home made bread over the holidays and it’s so time consuming…which makes it a wonderful gift…from the heart. Also, just checked out his website….I’m going to need that information when we move back to CT this summer!

    • Fantastic, Annie! Thanks for stopping by! I will check out your blog immediately too!

  4. Hi Stacey – So glad you made it out to LEGO WARS. WAsn’t it beyond cool and fun? Thanks for making the trip. Lee’s planning a Closing on this with costumed characters again..because some families missed the opening. 🙂

  5. a belated happy new year to you and michael!! I was looking through some older posts/comments and realized I hadn’t visited in a while, and that is just plain wrong!! I adore your new header.

    all my best,

  6. I love how the bread has the same swirl as the tea-holder.

  7. […] with a 3-D show projected onto the castle prior to the fireworks. It reminded me of the show Saks Fifth Avenue did last Christmas that I listed as a 5 Best Things and I wonder if it was done by the same company Iris […]

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