Posted by: stacystyle | December 19, 2011

Monday Mantra—Sweet Traditions

“Christmas is doing a little something extra for someone.”
—Charles Schulz

My mother has created many wonderful traditions in our family, but one of my favorites is the making and decorating of the Christmas cookies. Each is created with the thought that it will be enjoyed by someone we care about. Traditions are kept closer in our hearts that any presents ever could be. I hope that each of you has a tradition this season that you can share with those you love.

Christmas Cookies photo by Michael Partenio



  1. Your cookies look delicious, I make snowball cookies for Rick. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season Stacy!


  2. Beautiful words! I totally agree that traditions are what this season is about and not presents. Making and baking Christmas cookies is a very dear tradition in our home too. One that I grew up with and now, my children. Merry Christmas to you and Michael! XOXO.

  3. I love how they’re decorated! They look like vintage chenille bedspreads at Grandma’s house.

  4. Stacy, food is definately wrapped up in the traditions of the Holidays here at Wilson Kelsey Ranch. Sally and I always make fudge and Christmas fruit cookies to send to family members. We’ve been told that my brother Bill sits down and consumes the fruit cookies in one sitting… That said, there are others traditions I truly hold near and dear to my heart, especially reading Why the Chimes Rang by Raymond MacDonald Alden. It began years ago, listening to my Grandfather Morris read it out loud on Christmas Eve. In his later years, he would sometimes cry and Grandmother Morris would have to finish the story. Today, I understand why.

    May your Holidays be filled with family, laughter, smiles, fond memories and lots of cookies…


    • What a beautiful tradition, John!

  5. Love your cookie tradition – ours is to pile the boys into the car Christmas Eve and drive around to see the lights… Hope you had a safe trip home and enjoying a wonderful week with family!

  6. We’ll be celebrating the Solstice with a bonfire and caroling at the farm – want to come?

    • Sophie, That sounds magical! I’m on the farm out west till Christmas though!

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