Posted by: stacystyle | December 13, 2011

Travel Tuesday—Red Chair on Warren, Hudson, NY

There are few people who have influenced my style and furniture choices as much as Jocie Sinauer, owner of Red Chair on Warren in Hudson, New York. When I moved to New England almost ten years ago very few pieces came with me from my modern home in Birmingham to my 1905 Cape in New Hampshire. In fact, most of my pieces wouldn’t have fit through the door or up the stairs.

My very first pieces for the New Hampshire house—a rustic early 1900s teak dining table and eight sleek leather Dutch chairs—were purchased from Jocie’s store in nearby Peterborough. Over the years I bought antique French club chairs, a French pastry table, numerous antique linen sheets, and more hotel silver than I’d like to admit.

When Jocie told me last year that she would be closing her New Hampshire store to move to Hudson, New York, I almost felt that I would have to move with her she—and her store—are such staples in my life.

I was thrilled to visit her new location on Hudson’s main drag to find a larger, brighter, more amazing incarnation of her original vision.

Jocie and her husband, chef and uber-preneur Dave Chicane, purchased an amazing building on Warren Street among a host of other beautiful shops. Jocie continues to do what she does best—find the most gorgeous Swedish antiques, French ceramics, English ironstone, Belgian silver, European linens, and heartbreakingly beautiful ephemera you can imagine and then sells them at a price that feels like a bargain. All of course arranged in the most artful way possible.

She also continues to design her line of linen pillows, lavender sacks in vintage fabric and her jewelry, made from antique buttons.

A few weeks ago before a photo shoot I scooted over to Red Chair to pick up vintage baskets and blankets, an ironstone pitcher and old French dishtowels with a red stripe that I will use as napkins throughout the holidays. I hope you’ll have a chance to visit too!

Here are some more scenes from the store.



  1. Jocies’ shop looks fabulous as always but we’re mad she left our area because now we have no great antique shops. I hope she and Dave are doing well.

    • They are doing well and are very happy, Deb! You really must go visit because Hudson is just really their cup of tea.

  2. All I can say is WOW!

    • Steve, it’s totally your type of place. You’d love it and the owner, Jocie is a doll. Thank you so much for your support here! sk

  3. I used to go to Hudson a lot during the summer weekends and hit the main drag of awesome shops. Looks like I need to get back there, this is a beautiful shop full of wonderfully curated pieces… I must have!

    • Totally worth it, Kristen!

  4. Road trip…. The next time Sally and I head to upstate New York to visit my Mom, we’re going to have to take a detour!


  5. Hi Molly! I hear about this store all the time! First when she was in peterborough and now in hudson. I love hudson, ny a town filled with such amazing style. I have to visit soon!

  6. Please make the photos on your blog larger.

    • I will try, Betty! Thanks for the suggestion!

  7. I sooo miss Jocie and her shop. Was just in Peterboro yesterday and it is just not the same without her and her fabulous shop for inspiration.
    Funny as walking into Jocie’s shop (also about ten years ago) was a huge draw in our move from Texas (four years ago)! I thought “if there could be such a great shop in this area then I could move here!!”
    I am very happy to know that she and Dave are loving it! We plan a drive over soon.

    all my best,

    • The new store in Hudson is beautiful and big and bright. You must go visit!

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