Posted by: stacystyle | December 2, 2011

5 Best Things—Holiday Houses, Lively Conversation and Open Country

As we get closer to the holiday I can just feel the electricity in the air. People are more lively and animated, the weather is crisper and I can hear Christmas carols wherever I go. Here are a few of the best things from this past week.

1. There’s nothing better than listening to the ideas of brilliant people running their own businesses. Last night I was lucky enough to be included in a dinner discussion with Allison Iantosca and Bill Cosman of FH Perry Builder, Douglas Trusdale of Michael Carter Interiors, Greg Lombardi and Jason Harris of Gregory Lombardi Design, Mark Helman and Christine Marzilli of RP Marzilli Landscape Contractors, John Steiger of Wealth Planning Services, Budd Kelley of South Shore Millwork, Russ Schleipman of Garden Telescopes of Vermont, photographer Michael Lee and architects Colin Flavin and Howard Raley of Flavin Architects. We discussed our work, client communication, social media and how our businesses are operating in this seemingly new economy.

2. I got a sneak-peek of one of the homes featured in the Concord Holiday House Tour, which is tomorrow. Interior designers Katie Rosenfeld and Rachel Reider (both of whose houses I have styled for national magazines) teamed up to decorate and included a couple of Dunes and Duchess Italian Red candelabras in the mix. Their house is so colorful and so idea-filled you have to see it!

3. I was thrilled to see the Christmas shoot I styled for Better Homes & Gardens finally in print. Here’s what you don’t know though—I styled this shoot last MAY! I can’t tell you how many weird reactions I got when I started calling around for Christmas trees and ornaments! For more on this story, see my post from earlier this week by clicking here.

4. For Thanksgiving I made my grandfather’s homemade braided rolls. Since I was little and would beg to eat the dough I have watched him make these rolls for our family holidays. He passed away last spring, but I just thought about him the entire time I made these.

5. There’s something to be said for quietude. I got a much needed dose of that after Thanksgiving when I got to return to my parent’s farm in Kansas for a few days. Some long walks on this road that I grew up on were just what I needed. On this particular day on a two-mile stretch I saw 1 deer, 3 pheasant, and not a single car.



  1. Great post Stacy and that road could just as easily be in Vermont. The dirt, the trees, the fences…

    • Thanks, Todd! You’re so right!

  2. You were with a lively bunch – especially if Budd was there… Russ is such a delightful fellow and pretty good photographer, too!

    Saw your beautiful shoot in BH&G. Scanned some of the images into my Christmas Decor file…

    Sounds like the best part of your week was going home. There are times when going home feels like the best thing in the world. Sally and I were in upstate New York in late October visiting my Mom. Each morning we watched a doe and her two fawns eat apples under the apple tree in the back yard. It. Seeing things like that help to put life in to perspective.


    • Thanks so much, John! Hope you and Sally are well!

  3. Love this. And miss you so much. You beautiful woman. So beautiful in everything you do! Love always. ❤

  4. Once again we are on the same wave length. Over Thanksgiving, I made my grandmother’s cookies and was missing her greatly as the 1 yr anniversary approaches! So happy you had a quiet walk at home to clear your head! Hope to see you soon!

  5. Country living does have it’s benefits!

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