Posted by: stacystyle | November 29, 2011

Travel Tuesday—Travel is Back!

I used to be a travel writer. Before I started styling homes for magazines, I was a full-time travel writer and editor for Southern Living and Southern Accents magazines and my travel articles appeared in other publications such as Traditional Home, Coastal Living, Garden Design and Yankee magazines. Every three days or so I would get on a plane, fly somewhere and write a story. It was a dazzling way to spend my 20s and I wouldn’t have traded it for the world. Five-star hotels, mesmerizing meals and luxurious spas were destinations scattered among my trips to interview custom cowboy hat makers, museum coordinators, boat captains and boutique owners. I’ve found myself covered in blood while a shark swam just feet away, in the most beautiful gardens in Holland and hopelessly lost on the backroads of Mississippi. It’s a world I willfully left almost a decade ago and now, for the first time since am willingly returning to in blog form. There’s simply too many good things to share, especially when you travel as much as I do. I’m still a road warrior after all these years.

The Tuesday Travel dispatches will begin next Tuesday with a trip to the Hotel Royal Rivera in Cap Ferrat, France, where I spent my birthday last month. Look for upcoming posts from Kansas City, Boston and Connecticut. Just as when I was a travel editor, I will write only about places I’ve been that I have loved. I’ll also use all my own photography as much as possible.

StacyStyle in Menton, France



  1. What a spectacular place to have stayed! Sally and I are looking forward to traveling along with you.


  2. Stacy,
    I’m excited to read your travel posts. I’m a hotel snob: my husband can tell you of several instances when I burst into tears upon seeing our accommodations. It sounds like your experiences make you quite discriminating as well (am I right?). One of my passions when traveling is to get a sense of how the locals live. You can tell a lot about a culture by where and how the locals buy their food and what they eat. I’m confident you’ll have a lot to tell.

    • Laurie,
      You’re absolutely right. I don’t feel like I’ve really been to a place until I have a feel for where the locals go and what they do. There’s something to be said for a wonderful hotel experience though. I hope you’ll enjoy next Tuesday’s post!

  3. Fabulous! Love that you are doing this. Cannot wait to read.

    • Thanks so much for the encouragement, Sarah!

  4. I can’t wait!!!

    And I have always loved Southern Living magazine.

    You ought to stop here and visit us in Western Massachusetts!

    • Thanks, Bruce! I’m going to have to make a stop!

  5. I am so excited to read about your travels. It’s amazing how you can close the box for awhile, and then when you’re ready to open it, you realize that a whole new adventure has been out there waiting for you to discover it…

    • Elizabeth, you are so sweet! Thank you so much!

  6. We will look forward to learning of your adventures and live them through your eyes!
    Cheers ~

    • Thanks so much, Lauren!

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