Posted by: stacystyle | October 3, 2011

5 Best Things—Megaphone for the IPhone, Last of the Summer Veggies, Flea Finds & More

The trick about this time of year is moving faster than the leaves are falling!

1. I’m harvesting and sharing with neighbors the last of the tomatoes in the garden. I think the herbs will hold out till frost, but I’m going to miss picking off and eating ripe tomatoes on my way to the car in the morning.

2. While visiting the Hutker Architects offices in Falmouth, Mark Hutker showed me his latest find, a megaphone for your iPhone. Not only does it beautifully amplify the sound coming out of your iPhone or iTouch, it does it without electricity while looking like a beautiful piece of sculpture.

3. Hudson, New York, has long held an allure for design enthusiasts. One of the best reasons to visit it is now the new store Red Chair on Warren. Owner Jocie Sinauer has the most amazing collection of well-priced Swedish antiques, ironstone, French linen, hotel silver, industrial pieces and overall chicness for sale. Look for a post on the store later this week.

4. I finally got to do some flea market shopping in Connecticut this weekend. I had some sweet finds for less than $30. I’m particularly thrilled about the ceramic tea bag holder. I have loose leaf tea every morning and this will be my new home for the bags I use.

5. Waking up on Nantucket is a wonderful feeling. Waking up before sunrise to see a sky that looks like this is, well—priceless. As much as I might complain about getting up early for work, this particular day was worth it.



  1. The last fall veggies always taste the best! Sally and I fried the last of our eggplant for the veggie dinner course (alomg with roasted herbed potatoes and pork tenderloin) and then made tomatoe/basil sauce to freeze last night.

    Mark is a HOOT! he always finds the quirky and unusual.

    Thanks for reminding Sally and me to take a field trip visit Red Chair Antiques ! Cool finds! LIttle stuff that makes you stop and look twice.

    Your sunrise photo reminds me of why I love getting up before dawn to go fishing. The false dawn colors are the best! At some point, I always stop to watch.


  2. I love your stacked bracelets and ticking stripe jacket! That store looks pretty amazing too!

  3. All wonderful!! Gathering vegetables and oh, tomatoes! Great flea market finds and that megaphone!! Is that an anchor belt buckle? Where did get that? ; )

    • The anchor belt buckle was one of my favorite finds ever! Total flea market piece!

  4. Oh now the megaphone thing is too cool! Chic looking as well.

    I’m a stacker too but once cold weather hits and t-necks & sweaters are part of the wardrobe plus jackets, I put bracelets aside for the season.

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