Posted by: stacystyle | September 26, 2011

5 Best Things—the President, chopping wood, bargains and a puppy

There are so many amazing things to note from this past week, but here are my top five for you.

1. Political views aside, it was an honor to assist photographer Michael Partenio in photographing former President George W. Bush and the current presidents of Poland, Columbia and Georgia at the first Concordia Summit in New York last Tuesday.

Photo courtesy of Michael Partenio

2. My talented friends John Scofield and Bartley Johnstone designed, built and painted this amazing screen for a client on the Upper East Side in New York. I love the colors!

Photo courtesy of John Scofield

3. I found these great, colorful beach chairs at the Boys & Girls Club store in Edgartown. A score at $2 each!

4. Who knew the Mini was such a workhorse? We turned a tree felled by Tropical Storm Irene into firewood and my little “Coco Puff” as I call her, made the job a lot easier!

5. While shooting a house last week I couldn’t resist capturing this perfect King Charles moment!



  1. You would love the colors we painted our curbside find; Victorian Purple, Stem (a lime green), and blue!

  2. How cool you got to meet a president! Great score on the $2 chairs and funny about your mini hauling wood, you could have gotten a lot more if you had a truck….love my truck. That puppy is so cute!!!!!

  3. That sounds like a perfect week! From assisting the talented Michael with photographing former President Bush to scoring beach chairs to appreciating the beauty of a happy and content dog! You are the best! Truly, you have such an appreciation for life.

  4. I like the colors in the beach chairs…

  5. Well dayum…from Presidents to lippin full of wood mini’s to 2 clam beach chairs. Think you covered it all!

    Found you through Urban design blog…glad I did!

  6. Love the wood in the Mini….but the Cavalier stole my heart! She looks like my Molly, which I’ve gotten since you were here. 🙂

    Hope you are warm and well up north!
    xoxo Elizabeth

    • Thanks so much, Elizabeth! I would love to see your puppy! I have two springer spaniels and am just spaniel crazy anyway.

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