Posted by: stacystyle | September 23, 2011

Why Blog?

Last night I attended a social media event sponsored by the Mitchell Gold store in Natick, Massachusetts, and New England Home magazine. Interior designer Leslie Fine talked about what social media has done for her business, and the founder of Design Sherpa and Wine Zag author, Adam Japko, talked about more in-depth concepts such as “long-tail searches” and “SEOs.”

As the Homes Editor for New England Home and a blogger (I blog at the New England Home web site, here, and at Dunes and Duchess), I was asked to follow these experts and say a few words.

As I drove to the event I was still formulating my remarks in my head. What was clear to me was this: The fifty or so people I spoke to that night might go on to talk about social media to another 100 people, but if I took my works, thoughts, and ideas to the blog they would reach hundreds, thousands, possibly millions of people around the world and the content would last forever.

I told the group last night that SEO was the most important thing about blogging. No, not “search engine optimization,” but what SEO means in my mind: Support, Empowerment, and Opportunity. Since I began blogging on a regular basis two years ago (I actually had my first blog in early 2007), the Support that I have received from people who share my same interests has been amazing. I have been Empowered by the Support I have received and have quantifiable evidence that my voice is being heard. The Opportunities that come your way when you blog are limitless because you are reaching and connecting with people who you otherwise would never have come into contact with.

It’s pretty amazing and I’m so thankful this medium exists to bring us all together.



  1. Hey Stacey! I hope u re doing fine. Here is the power of blogging! I was so impresseb by the power of design blogging community in LA! So here we go I m taking first steps to create same community from Turkey as well and organizing design bloggers meeting during istanbul Design week! Would u like to come to be with us and speech???

  2. you are exactly right. in my little corner of the world getting support for who i am and what i’m interested in is a challenge. and we need this in order to feel the confidence to keep going and to get better and to succeed. i agree with your sentiments. thanks for sharing.

  3. I couldn’t agree more–it’s a powerful thing blogging! I haven’t been doing it that long and already I see what it can do and the really amazing people I have met!

  4. Great post. I love what your take on SEO! Wonderful!!!

  5. Definitely one of the fartherest reaching and empowering tools I’ve ever used and it’s fun! Never in my wildest imagination did I ever think I could reach so many people and it’s free from my home!

  6. What a coincidence: I just did a post two days ago on what blogging means to me and why I do it!
    For me, it has been the community. I am continually amazed at just how many like-minded people are out there!

  7. I just started a blog. The positive, up lifting comments people have made- have been amazing. It has been very exciting to watch the blog grow. Do you have any suggestions for a newbie blogger?

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