Posted by: stacystyle | August 2, 2011

Loving Pillows These Days

Please check out my post at the New England Home blog on the way pillows can really transform the look of a room.

I’m loving these pillows by Oomph co-founder Louise Brooks. Image by Michael Partenio.



  1. Stacy, pillows are such a great addition, aren’t they? With so many rooms being planned with a neutral palette, pillows add just a touch of color in all the right places. (I love how these tie in perfectly with the rug!)

    • So glad you liked the pillows! Louise is so subtle with her color palette and these pillows are just enough!

  2. Just checked out the post! & As my comment says, I need that Oomph Java Java pillow. Then I went on their website and now I’m in love with their entire pillow line!

    • Don’t they do great fabrics? And they’re in Connecticut!!!

  3. Pillows can really change up the look of the room. If you need some inspiration, check out my store for some ideas.


  4. I love that pop of colour from those yellow cushions!

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