Posted by: stacystyle | April 18, 2011

TradHome Launch Party

You’d have to be living under a rock not to have heard about the launch of the Traditional Home-Lonny joint venture TradHome. The premiere issue, which debuted online a week ago, I’ve heard received more than seven million hits in its first 48 hours. Besides featuring stunning interiors, the magazine also gave pixel time to those whom they describe as the 20 New Trad Designers.

The party took place in the 1st Dibs Showroom on the 10th floor of the New York Design Center. Besides the stunning backdrop of antiques and art, the room was filled with a who’s-who of design elite. I’ll just say right now, I did a horrible job of capturing the mass of excitement and people at the party. I was simply too wrapped up visiting with Ann Maine, Michelle Adams, Patrick Cline, Jenny Bradley, Beth Brenner, Amy Bleier Long, and Krissa Rossbund (who all worked on the issue) as well as Jamie Drake, Nate Berkus, Robert Passal, Ashlina The Decorista, Marissa Marcantonio, and a host of Twitter and blog friends. Here’s a sampling.

Amy Bleier Long of Traditional Home

Publisher Beth Brenner, Michael Partenio

Jennifer Powell of Kravet and Lee Jofa

Marcy Feld of Irwin Feld Design and Stacey of Quintessence

Some views in the showrooms.

The next issue of TradHome goes live in September. We’ll be waiting!



  1. Sounds like a fabulous time!! I love Trad Home and thrilled for their success- can’t wait for the next issue!! Thanks for sharing!

    • They took a great chance and pulled it off beautifully. Can’t wait to see the next one.

  2. What a fun event and especially SO wonderful to finally meet you – and Michael of course. Love your radiant smile. Looking forward to having more time to chat sometime soon!!

    • Great to visit with you! I’m sure it will be a little quieter at Blogfest!

  3. This party looks as fun and interesting as the premier issue was! I spy some familiar faces amongst your lovely one! Great photos!

    • Thanks so much for stopping by, Sue! I hope you’re well!

  4. The issue was great and it looks like the party was too! Fun to meet fellow bloggers in person!
    xo Cathy

  5. These pics are great, happy to see so many lovely familiar faces! Looked like a fab event.

  6. What a fun looking party and you look gorgeous!! Look at your hair and pop of yellow, so pretty!

  7. Stacy, SO happy you shared the behind the scenes at the rad TradHome party! I am honestly in awe of everyone you mentioned. And am only sad we have to wait until September for the next issue!

    xo Elizabeth

  8. Hey Stacy,

    I was wondering, do you know what sections of the magazine got the most hits and/or the most time spent on them?? Over 7 million hits in the first 48 hours, that’s incredible!

    • I have no details, but will try to find out!

  9. The party looks like so much fun, and you look fantastic as always! and the your yellow “cape”- so fun and fresh!!

  10. Thank you for commenting on my Miles Redd post. He gave me just enough information for me to really dive into the DNA threading through his projects. He is a very generous speaker, full of attribution, sharing many ideas and inspirations for his work. Did you see my post on the Lonny/Trad Home launch? I wasn’t there, alas, but my daughter’s boss, Elizabeth Blitzer, was in the middle of all the design glitterati, so I tried to pass on what I heard–second hand. I loved seeing Stacey from “Quintessence,” in your photos. I follow her fantastic blog closely and e-mail with her. It is so nice to put a face to the words. Thanks for the visit and your post. Here is my link:

  11. i LOVE your yellow jacket!

  12. Everything looks like so much fun! Graphic fabrics, plenty of colour, elegant design/decor- Amazing!

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