Posted by: stacystyle | March 7, 2011

5 Best Things—Design Blogger Conference

I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Design Bloggers Conference in Los Angeles last week. As you’ve read here before, I don’t consider myself a conference person, but this was an exceptional event filled with people who are both my idols and peers and now friends. Here are the 5 best things about last week.

1. Meeting the most outrageously talented people—bloggers, magazine editors, p.r. professionals, interior designers and Twitter friends.

Clint Smith, Ronda Carman, me, Cassandra LaValle, Scot Meacham Wood

With interior designer, author and Hollyhock owner Suzanne Rheinstein at the 120th anniversary luncheon for Sferra linens. Photo by Andreas Branch courtesy of Patrick McMullan Agency

Tracy Porter and Ronda Carman at the 120th anniversary luncheon for Sferra linens. Photo by Andreas Branch courtesy of Patrick McMullan Agency

With Michelle Adams, editor and co-founder of Lonny magazine.

Brad Clifford of Bravado Home with Tobi Fairley

With interior designer and author Jan Showers at the 120th anniversary luncheon for Sferra linens. Photo by Andreas Branch courtesy of Patrick McMullan Agency

With Nyla Free of Nyla Free Designs and Dabble magazine

Juliann Covino of Jace Interiors and CreateGirl and Cassandra LaValle of CocoKelley and Rue magazine.

2. The energy, contacts, and buzz of the room at DBC2011. I loved that we all had the same experience and weren’t divided by having to attend separate seminars. Oftentimes I wouldn’t have a chance to leave the room during breaks because there were so many people I wanted to meet!

3. The amazing panel I got to moderate that included Ann Maine, the editor of Traditional Home; Loren Ruch, the executive producer and special events coordinator at HGTV; Clint Smith, editor of Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles; and Anne Sage, executive editor of Rue magazine. Photo courtesy of Kyle Hoepner.

4. The three magical events I got to attend (more on these later) at Tony Duquette’s Dawnridge to celebrate Sferra’s 120th anniversary, the Traditional Home Garden Party and the get-together hosted by Beth Matari of Currey & Co. at the home of designer Marjorie Skouras.

5. The people to whom I am now forever connected not only in the Twitter-Facebook-Blog world, but in real life. They are a precious, priceless group that give me strength every day!



  1. Stacy,
    What an amazing gathering of talent and inspiration. Though I wasn’t at the conference, I feel like I have experienced a smidge of it through your eyes, posts and tweets and those of some of the others above.

    Looks like a new bar has been set! So happy you were there and got so much out of it!
    xo, Elizabeth

  2. Wow, looks like a lot of people showed up too, how fun! Glad you got to meet so many people face-to-face, always great to see the people behind the blogs and magazines.

  3. Stacy,
    Thanks for sharing! Seems like it was fabulous experience and one that I hope to attend next year!

  4. Emjoyed meeting you at the conference Stacy and you were an exceptional moderator! Looking forward to many more great conferences like this…I am not a good conference sitter either,but this one was packed with amazing personalities. Hope to see you again soon. Check out my blog at or through my website at Cheers, Kimberly

    • Thank you so much, Kimberly! I’m headed over to your site now! sk

  5. Stacy it was an absolute pleasure to meet you. I admire your work very much! This conference blew me away and it was the people that really made it an exceptional experience. I hope to see you again sometime 🙂 Thank you so much for including me in your post. So many great photos!

    • It was a pleasure to finally meet you, Nyla!

  6. Looked like a fabulous few days. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Loved following you all on twitter – what an incredible collection of energy, creativity and talent!! From what I hear you were a rock star moderator!! And that lunch – how fabulous. I’m going to try to wrangle my way there next year – what an amazing experience!!

    • It really was amazing and I wish you could have been there! sk

  8. Stacy, Thanks for a great recap. Unfortunately I was unable to attend this year but hopefully next I will get the chance to meet all these fabulous people while learning to be a better blogger!!

    • Christine,
      Let us know where you would like for the conference to be next year! sk

  9. Stacy, I absolutely loved meeting you at the DBC. Your pictures are great. I was blown away with what a natural interviewer you are. You ran that panel like a pro. HGTV needs to give you your own show. I’d watch it!! Thanks for stopping by fauxology and commenting on my recap. Hope to keep up with you and see you next year at DBC 2012.

    • Thanks so much, Dana! You are so sweet. I’ll be sure to let HGTV know. (LOL!) sk

  10. Oh, your pics were wonderful! (And heyyyy! 🙂 I see myself in red under No. 2!) What a beautiful conference to remember – meeting wonderful people, accessing great information and being a part of something special in the making. I, too, was glad we didn’t all have to switch rooms or have dueling classes going on at the same time. MUCH appreciate that! Your moderated panel was wonderful and I loved how you kept the flow going nicely. Look forward to visiting your blog again!

    • Thank you so much, Regina! I appreciate the feedback and the visit!

  11. Hi Stacy, I wasn’t there but I feel like I got a sneak-peek of what it was like! thanks so much for sharing your experience!

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