Posted by: stacystyle | December 30, 2010

The Last of the 2010 Favorites—People, Dining Rooms, Mudrooms!

Thanks so much for all the wonderful comments I’ve gotten on my favorite styled spaces of 2010. Here’s a little hodgepodge of what’s left to show you—people, dining rooms, mudrooms, and details. 2011 is already gearing up to be a good styling year that I hope to share with you all. January alone finds me in Boston, New York, Palm Beach, and all sorts of towns in between.

Here’s the secret behind these first images, which appeared in Better Homes & Gardens last July—they were shot on Cape Cod in the middle of winter! We convinced the kids to put on their shorts and swimmies and wet their hair with a spray bottle to make it look like they’d just come in from the pool.

This is a Fourth of July celebration scene we created on the porch. For some reason I can’t get it to stand up right. Hmmm.

I’ve gushed about interior designer Rachel Reider all week. Now you get to see her beyond adorable daughter, Aubry.

This is Rachel’s beautiful dining room. She certainly knows how to do color.

Design Rachel Reider. Photo Michael Partenio. Better Homes & Gardens

Leave it to interior designer Cindy Rinfret to make a breakfast room look like the most elegant space in the house. The layers of fabric and texture in this space are simply stunning.

Design Cindy Rinfret. Photo Michael Partenio. New England Home Connecticut

We shot this for architect Andrew Reck last summer and it’s still one of my favorite images.

Oak Hill Architects. Photo Michael Partenio

Artist Daniel Thibeault’s style continues to amaze me. I created this tabletop display in his home using dusty miller leaves so it wouldn’t look too feminine, but still decorated.

Design Daniel Thibeault. Photo Laura Moss

I love making up tabletop vignettes.

Photo Michael Partenio

Interior designer Carey Karlan has one of my favorite houses. This is her dressing table off her bedroom. We dressed it up with a little color.

Design Carey Karlan. Photo Laura Moss

I love interior designer Mackie Sterrett’s take on New England traditional. Bold colors and patterns make her work so memorable. Just look at that wallpaper back in the mudroom!

Design Mackie Sterrett. Photo Gridley & Graves


  1. Rachel’s daughter Aubry is a cutie! I love what Rachel did in that dining room, giving me ideas. I’m off to pack my bags and see if Danny will let me move in, I just love his place! Great posts all week. Wishing you and your other half Stacy the very best of New Year…enjoy!

  2. I’ve always loved the Daniel Thibeault piece and it’s photography. Delightful to see another shot! The cheeriness of Mackie Sterrett’s work is wonderful. Have a great 20011, Stacy.

  3. Love the secrets of styling. Those kids probably thought it was so silly and fun. Love it. Happy New Year. Here’s to a wonderful 2011


  4. Having been off the grid and offline…I’ve had a great time catching up on all of your 2010 favorites. So much inspiration in one place.

    Cheers to a great year ahead!
    xo Elizabeth

  5. So many beautiful examples and love your tabletop vignettes. Carey is a friend of mine but I haven’t had a chance to see her “new” house yet – what a beautiful introduction!!

  6. +1 on Mackie Sterrett. I worked with her on a project years ago. What a talented lady and genuine soul. Her work reflects that.

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