Posted by: stacystyle | December 14, 2010

5 Best Things I Saw Last Week

Last week was one big end-of-year push! I shot two amazing houses in the Boston area for New England Home with photographer Laura Moss and attended the Massachusetts Conference for Women where I got to sit with a tableful of accomplished designers and publishers. All this has me thinking about the next couple of posts I will do featuring my favorite styled images of this year and my favorite moments (a.k.a. unstyled by fabulous). Let me know which of these is your favorite!

1. Hearing the iconic Gloria Steinem speak at the Massachusetts Conference for Women. She was more funny, controversial, and more engaging than I could have imagined. How she made to 6,700 women feel as if she were speaking with them in an intimate setting is a talent I’ve never personally experienced in a speaker. I admit I’ve never had any curiosity about her or her writings and now I’m fascinated. A special thank you to interior designer Beverly Rivkind for inviting me to sit at her table and introducing me to this wonderful program.

2. I had lunch last week with superstar blogger Erin Gates, author of Elements of Style. After lunch we strolled over to her office where I got a peek at her inspiration board.

3. I loved styling the home of interior designer Judy O’Neil Labins and love her new store, Shafer O’Neil in Wellesley, MA, even more! Such a great look!

4. Meeting the amazing editor of More magazine, Lesley Jane Seymour at the Massachusetts Conference for Women, where she was a panelist.

5. The most beautiful Christmas party ever at the home of Red Chair Antiques owner Jocie Sinauer, whose style is simply sublime.

And one little extra…

6. Photographer Laura Moss has been donating her time to photograph rescued pit bulls around the United States for the past seven years. Each year those images come out in “The Unexpected Pit Bull,” a calendar of gorgeous photos and stories of owners and their dogs. All of the net profits go to rescue, advocacy, and education about the true nature of the breed. To order or visit the site to to .



  1. Stacy thanks so much for your kind words about my studio/shop in Wellesley- it is a treat! Happy Holidays!

  2. Wow – looks like you’ve been busy and having fun doing it. That dinner looks beautiful and festive!!

  3. I have one of Laura’s calendars! (2010) The pictures of those Pit Bulls are charming and much different images than I have seen depicted in the news. My students are amazed to see cute Pit Bulls!!

  4. Thanks for posting links to Laura Moss. Loved looking at her portfolio! 🙂

  5. Oh and Erin is such a rock star 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

  6. Stacy, it’s always inspiring to be around other creative minds! How wonderful to meet Leslie Jayne Seymour. I’ve always admired her!

    Hope all is merry and bright in your corner of the world!
    xo elizabeth

  7. I was at the conference last week as well. What an experience. I am so happy I went!

  8. Wow…just love this series that you do…your life is so full, its fun to live vicariously through it here. Gloria Steinem AND Elements of Style, aaahhh…hard not to be overcome with jealousy! 🙂 That party looked just lovely!

  9. Those ballerina sculptures are so elegant and beautiful.

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