Posted by: stacystyle | December 7, 2010

5 Best Things I Saw This Week With a Little Christmas Cheer Thrown In.

The countdown for Christmas has begun! I hope you’re finding time to enjoy every day. Here’s a few of the beautiful things I saw this week.

1. The silver Christmas trees at Chester Brown Floral at the Boston Wholesale Flower Market. Could anything be more festive?

2. The combination of orange and blue in this photograph by David McCaughan.

3. Lavender-stuffed pillows and stockings at Red Chair Antiques & Collectibles in Peterborough, New Hampshire. Perfect for hostess gifts or tied atop packages. I love sticking them in with sweaters or scarves given as presents.

4. Black fur boots by Tory Burch. They just may help me make it through this winter.

5. Can you believe this car? Even crazier when Laura Moss, my photographer for this week steps out of it. It is the most outrageous car I’ve ever seen. It’s some sort of Dodge. I just call it Bettye the Avenger (a.k.a. Bad-Ass Bettye). It’s more evil-looking in person.



  1. Orange and blue is a powerful combination. Loving all those little clementines that are in season! I came across your name tonight as I was putting together tomorrow’s post — pop by tomorrow to see what it is! I give you a little shout out!!!
    xo Elizabeth

  2. I think I hear those boots calling my name!

  3. the bad-ass car is the best, every girl needs one, I adore the sweet silver trees too where are they darling?

  4. I love those silver trees, snag me one will you Stacy?

  5. Oh my goodness, I adore those silver trees! Just precious!

  6. Love the silver trees as well and of course laughed at your car comments – always so entertaining you are!

  7. wish I were wearing those boots now. my feet are freezing!

  8. Ok so not like me to be jonesing for the clothes and not some fabulous interior design. But…I am all about those boots right now. My feet are freezing!

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