Posted by: stacystyle | November 5, 2010

Albert Hadley-Rooms With a View Roundup

I’m so excited to share these images with you from the Southport, Connecticut, Rooms With a View fund-raiser.
This year’s theme—The Dean’s List is a special tribute to Mr. Albert Hadley, who at 89 has just closed his eponymous design business in New York. Those creating this year’s vignettes include his former employees (who are now total stars in their own right) to design 5 x 8 foot spaces as a fundraiser for the Congregational Church in Southport, where Mr. Hadley has a home.
The spaces will be on display through Sunday and tickets are $20. Here are some scenes from the show.

The first two images are of the vignette designed by Michael Whaley Interiors.

Harry Heissmann had been saving the most wonderful bench for his space. The lamp was originally sold in the Sears Catalog. He had it painted green.

Libby Cameron’s room featured a collection of Mr. Hadley’s drawings.

I’m just crazy about the floor in the David Kleinberg space. It’s that high-gloss vanilla chocolate combination I liked so much in the Aman-Carson room at the Kip’s Bay house. (Photo by

Thomas Jayne created the most amazing watercolor Rorshak panels for his space. I am obsessed with these walls!

Brian Murphy’s mix of color and pattern reminded me so of some of those old Sister Parish room images. I think he might have been missing a table though.

The wonderfully spare vignette by Susanne Earls Carr featured artwork of a giant jellyfish painted in a palette of blues. I loved the chair fabric most of all. If anyone knows what it is let me know.

Brian McCarthy put a maddingly cool texture on the walls of his space. It looked like sand that had been raked by the wind. I’m going to say it was plaster. You can imagine the wonderful shadow play you would have on it throughout the day.

Pamela Banker entitled her space “The Dean’s Office.”

With all this serious design going on you have to keep a sense of humor, which Bunny Williams did in spades! She gave her vignette a garden backdrop with French doors and someone—Mr. Hadley—standing outside looking in. Too clever!

Kudos to the cool chairs in Thom Filicia’s space. I didn’t know that Thom had actually started his career at Parish-Hadley after dropping out of Syracuse.

David Easton, whose new book just came out this month, also chose the office route in his space.

So which was your favorite?



  1. Amazing what people can do with such a small space!

  2. terrific recap! Great comments. Thanks for sharing the images. dj

    • Thanks so much for stopping by, DJ!

  3. Wow the Rorshak panels are amazing. Super clever!

    • Let me know when you figure out how to do those. They appeared to be done on handmade paper as there was so much texture to them.

  4. As a P-H alum myself, I was particularly happy to see these much anticipated vignettes as I am not able to go see them in person. All are really wonderful!

  5. The chair fabric you are wondering about looks like a Quadrille pattern. Can’t tell from the picture if it’s a woven or not?
    Great pics, thanks for sharing!

  6. I think 5×8 spaces are such a brilliant way for smaller designer showcases to go. Bijoux vignettes like these speak volumes!
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for the visit, Jonathan! Have a great weekend! xosk

  7. I love the Libby Cameron space with all of Mr. Hadley’s drawings.

  8. You got really terrific shots -especially considering how crowded it was – wish I’d seen you – would have loved to say hello!

  9. Too many wonderful details to pick a favorite but, they’re all for a special purpose. Mr. Hadley’s
    warmth and encouragement has meant so much to a lot of designers. He took the time to speak with me over 25 years ago
    and encourage my interest in design…I’m grateful to this day.
    Bravo and Brava all!

  10. I LOVE the floor in the David Kleinberg space! So clean and warm. Would love to know more about it!
    Thank you for sharing the images.
    Amy Meier

  11. […] all those super-spectacular rooms by Bunny Williams, Thom Filicia, David Easton and others for the Albert Hadley Rooms With a View tribute in Connecticut to show. So here goes favorites from the past sevenish […]

    • Thanks Stacy, for the great coverage. John thinks the chair fabric in Susanne Earls Carr’s room is an Allen Campbell design from China Seas.

      Richard & John

  12. I really like Michael Whaley’s room the best. Thank you for sharing.

  13. Thanks for sharing. Wish I Could have been there.

  14. I’m sure the chair fabric in Susan Earls Carr’s room is a heavy printed cotton China Seas fabric to be found through the Quadrille show room in NY. I planning on using it myself in a mix of royal blue China Seas fabrics for a guest room in Old Greenwich.
    Rooms with a View was totally inspiring! You got great photos too!

  15. […] Home magazine’s intrepid homes editor Stacy Kunstel, author of StacyStyle, blogged about each vignette in tribute to legendary interior designer Albert Hadley featured at the event. This coastal-inspired vignette designed by Susanne Earls Carr is purely New […]

  16. So glad to see this recap since I couldn’t make it over! I love them all….off to CFDA tomorrow!

    Did Kips Bay 2 weeks ago – trying to get them all in this fall!!

    Loved seeing your name on Elements of Style today!
    xo Elizabeth

  17. The chair fabric – which I love, too – is China Seas. It intermixes beautifully with Alan Campbell and Quadrille prints – all carried by Quadrille. It comes in several gorgeous colorways, including coral and lime.

  18. Thomas Jayne’s wall panels are incredibly cool. It’s one of those ideas that makes the viewer say, “Wow, I never would have thought of that!”

  19. McCarthy, Banker and that chocolate/cream floor. Would that my office space were that cool. And “the Dean’s Office”? Enroll me now.

    Thanks for stopping by Easy and Elegant Life. Great site you’ve got here.

  20. Terrific synthesis Stacy. Difficult to choose one! My vote(s) are for Michael Whaley, Brian McCarthy and Thom Filicia. Thanks for sharing. t

  21. Hi Stacy!
    Just found your blog and I am dying over how great it is! Hope you are well…
    PS. I think that awesome blue and cream chair fabric is a gem from China Seas. I love it too!
    Joanna McNulty

  22. I so enjoyed see Hadley peer through the window in Bunny Williams’s vignette, then just after that I met him in the café! And Jayne’s colorful panels reminded me of Rorschach tests, very cool.

  23. Hi Stacy…
    I’m so glad to see that you decided to cover the Rooms With a View for 2010! It was such an honor and a pleasure to be a part of it. Albert Hadley was an inspiration and a mentor for me and a I remember those days fondly. And yes, the fabric is from Quadrille, designed by Alan Campbell, a close friend of Mr. Hadley and the firm.
    Best wishes,

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