Posted by: stacystyle | November 3, 2010

Jonathan Adler’s CFDA Showhouse room from every angle

Eye candy—’nuf said.
Jonathan Adler went color and pattern wild in the little girl’s room he did for CFDA Showhouse in New York. Absolutely enchanting if you can handle it!



  1. There are certain elements that are very enjoyable in this room…the wallpapered ceiling, headboard wall and canopy, the pink, lime green, orange initial colour scheme. However, I’m a firm believer in “just because you can…doesn’t mean you should”. Too many patterns, too many colours, too much stuff. Not liking the shape of the headboard. Any little girl in this room would soon develope ADD….too much stimulation.

    • Great point, Maureen. My partner wondered if the little girl would be able to go to sleep. Me on the other hand, I’m pretty ADD already and responded to it!

  2. Talk about packing a lot of punch into a small space! I do see what you are saying, Maureen, but this is a showhouse room, where decorators are allowed to go over the top, and besides, this is JONATHAN ADLER!

    Jonathan, I just LOVE those giraffe lamps!

  3. We just saw the showhouse yesterday and this is one of the rooms we loved! It’s just so happy and fun and so Jonathan Adler… lucky little girls who gets to sleep in this room!

  4. I’m dizzy……yikes!

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  6. I’m with Maureen, way to much pattern and color, hurt my eyes and made me dizzy. Toned down it would be fabulous for a little girl.

  7. stacy, Karen bow is a designer with Jon Adler she lives in Darien, her whole renovated house is like the jon adler room, fabulous,,, color color color and patters fun and playful,…. Bessler and I shot 2 rooms for At Home contest they ran one shot,….. should we look at it for NEH. it is a happy house

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