Posted by: stacystyle | October 29, 2010

The 5 Best Things I Saw This Week

I travel almost every day of the week, which brings me into contact with some pretty cool people and cool things. I thought I would start doing a quick round-up of some of my favorite spottings from the past two weeks and then make it a weekly post. Maybe there’s something here you’ll like too!

1. The Jonathan Adler-designed room at the CFDA Showhouse in the Aldyn in New York. This room is like a living Candyland of color. Waking up in a space like this would definitely give me a different outlook on the day!

2. This ceramic deer head at J. Seitz in New Preston, Connecticut. The perfect shades of white and gray would add elegance to any room.

3. The entry hall to interior designer John Stefanon’s Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, home. I love that in this historic home John mixes Paul Smith, petrified wood, a resin table, beautiful ceramic jars, and a industrial looking wire sculpture mirror. Balanced brilliance.

4. My new vintage wool blanket from Red Chair Antiques in Peterborough, New Hampshire. A steal at $45. I think I’m going to design an entire guest room around it in my new color scheme of off white, navy, black, and tan.

5. The amazing Atlantic sunset I saw last Friday night on the ferry from Nantucket to Hyannis. The sky erupted like a volcano of color. It simply looked like the end of the world.



  1. Didn’t realize I could fall for a wool blanket as much as I have here. What a great color scheme to start off a room design.

    Great list Stacy!

  2. LOVe that Jonathan Adler room- a dream!

  3. You have definitely got one of the best eyes,Stacy! Great stuff and I love that Deer head, I want it!

  4. Love this new type of post! That throw is fabulous, can’t wait to see your new room AND that sunset…incredible!

  5. Can’t decide which is better – the Adler bedroom or that sunset! Both light my fire! Thanks for sharing the cool things you see.

  6. Stacy, love the inspiring images, and that sunset is just exquisite. You sure do get around…and we get to experience lush, wonderful, surprising, fun things in the process. Keep up the great work!

  7. Loved this post! Thanks for taking us along on your visual journey!

    • Thanks Everybody for the great comments this weekend! xosk

  8. Wow. That sunset is just gorgeous. I love this reacurring post. Can’t wait for more. I hope you have a great weekend. Happy Halloween!

  9. Great post! love all of the design pics this week!!

  10. Loved that Industrial metal mirror mixed in too! JB

    • Thanks so much for both your comments, Julie!

  11. That was fun!!!
    Love your vintage blanket!!

    • I’m going to design an entire room around it!

  12. […] fabric and old furniture parts by artist Breon Dunigan. Not quite as seriously elegant as the ceramic deer head my colleague Stacy Kunstel blogged about last fall, and perhaps not as entirely‚Ķsingular‚Ķas the […]

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