Posted by: stacystyle | August 21, 2010

The Other Side of the Fence

As most of you probably already know, my partner Michael Partenio and I launched a new company at the New York International Gift Show last Saturday called Dunes and Duchess. When I say new, I mean this is our seventh day of business.

For longer than I would like to admit, I’ve been on the press side of covering stores, gift shows, and discovering products in my various jobs at Traditional Home, New England Home, Southern Living, Southern Accents (now defunct), Hotdots (ditto), Country Home (another ditto), Better Homes & Gardens, and Country Living. Most of the time I would walk the floor with my tag turned around so I wouldn’t be hounded by someone hawking a product I didn’t care about.

What a difference a year makes! That was me scanning for the blue press badge, hoping to drum up buzz for Dunes and Duchess and trying to convince store owners that our high-end candelabras and lamps are a fit for their customer. Let me just say that all of that magazine experience paid off. You’ll be seeing us in a lot of stores come fall and in many magazines and blogs. But no worries, I’m not giving up by life as an editor/stylist/producer. It’s just too much fun!



  1. Funny, now that I’m a blogger, I also sometimes turn around my press badge, so I won’t feel hounded, or watched as I peruse the shows. I find that how the person in the shop or booth treats me as a potential customer is as important as what they are selling. Glad to hear you had a great show!

  2. It looks FAB! Loving the sizes, colors and finish. Well done!
    Best of luck and tons of success!

  3. They look fantastic!

  4. Your experience on the press side of things I’m sure is invaluable and will make you and your products successful without a doubt.

  5. Your candelabras are so distinctive~I’ll be looking for D&D in the magazine pages! I loved the layout you two did with them laying in the sand on Chappy…so romantic. They have a lighthouse look to them which is so appealing.

  6. Trade shows are such a strange thing. I have been doing them for 8+ years (on the construction/home building side, designing and booth set-up) and the amount of time and money that go into them never ceases to amaze me. Congratulations on a sucessful show. Can’t wait to see you products pop up.

  7. P.S. I think I saw your vintage Gucci hanging out at the show in one of your photos. So fun.

  8. Congratulations on a successful launch!

  9. Thanks for the comments, everybody! sk

  10. Congrats to you and Michael! I can’t wait to see the pieces in the pages of my favorite magazines!! It’s a great lesson for all of us in following a passion and what excites us!

  11. Wow big congrats!

  12. Hi Stacey, Wondering if you are still producing any Magazine Style articles. Just finished an 11month project for Jim Belushi here on the cliffs above Lucy Vincent in Chilmark.
    Hope you are wonderful, Best, Gary

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