Posted by: stacystyle | July 20, 2010

Found at Brimfield—Really vintage Gucci.

Unlike the intrepid Erin at Elements of Style, I did not brave the heat of Brimfield last week. I did however, have two great friends looking for the special for me. My dear friend Jocie Sinauer of Red Chair Antiques in Peterborough, New Hampshire, has for years been bringing back for me vintage tables, silver spoons, funky baskets, and on one occasion my most favorite blue and taupe plaid picnic blanket ever. Another friend, fashion stylist Susan Turner, found this morsel for me last week. It is an enormous vintage Gucci bag. I have no earthly idea what it could have been used for. If anyone has a clue, I would love to know. It measures to the top of the handle almost three feet high and is the most delicious leather. Inside “Gucci” is embossed on a tag, and it looks like there used to be a nameplate encased in leather on the front. I’m going to have a new plate engraved for it later this week. We texted prices back and forth until an agreement was reached. It is now mine and I will proudly display it at my booth at the New York International Gift Fair, where I will be debuting my new company…to come.



  1. I don’t know what it was used for, but that is a gorgeous bag! Love it! What fabulous friends to know you so well and to bring it back for you.

    And I’m looking forward to hearing about the new company!

  2. Gorgeous, the leather along looks so supple and that handle? Ohh la la! It’ll be an eye catcher in your booth!

  3. YAY! so excited on all accounts Stacy!

    That bag is gorgeous – could it be to carry your riding boots? I dunno, just thinking of the height of it…

    Anyway, I can’t wait for the official announcement – I’d love to blog about these pretties on ABCD soon + help you spread the word!

  4. score on the gucci traveller. looks like a lovely to-the-bank bag – or train tote. good picker friends:) lucky lady.

    • I love the idea of it being a train tote! I think it must be too big to be a bank bag, but I also like the idea by @abcddesign that it could have been for boots. May be to narrow at the top though.

  5. I was thinking it was a boot bag as well, either way if you find another please let me know I will fly over and collect it…..stunning!

  6. Wow. That bag is AMAZING.

    Brimfield was great fun, and Erin was the best guide for this first timer. But as you know it was hot, hot, hot. Our photos are up now on her an my blog!

    Love your blog by the way 🙂 and can’t wait to hear about our new company.

  7. How cool Stacy. I don’t know what you’d carry in that? Maybe something equestrian? Can’t wait to hear about your new company.

  8. this bag is gorgeous! you are so lucky you had a professional there to barter for you! the color is great and would so well with a pair of riding boots! the nameplate sounds like a brilliant addition!! well done!

  9. I’m so loving that bag Stacy! I can’t believe you or should I say Susan found that at Brimfield! May I barrow it please?


  10. Love the girls bedroom! smiles…

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