Posted by: stacystyle | July 12, 2010

Oh how I love mud rooms!

It was only when I moved to New England that I discovered mud rooms. Growing up in the Midwest, we simply didn’t have such an elegantly named (or appointed) space. Now I’m officially obsessed with the perfect bench, simple peg and the seemingly requisite cubbies. I just wish I had space in my own tiny Cape for somewhere to stash my Le Chameaus, dog leashes, and hats when I come home!


photo Michael Partenio

photo Michael Partenio



  1. I love them too! Not something you see here in Australia but something I want for my next house!

    • Isn’t it funny how some of us just don’t have them depending on where we live? I think every house could use one now!

  2. I was determined to have a ‘mud room’ in the house I built (and since sold) despite the lack of mud and ice in our climate (Australia). It was sort of the ‘pool run’… straight down the side of the house, from the pool, into the laundry/mud room and then up into the powder/shower room. I had storage pigeon holes for towels and hats, school paraphernalia and notices, baskets for sunscreen and even a little home utility/workspace area. Worked so well, I won’t have anything else next time. I agree, every house should have one. My ‘mud room’ in my temporary abode at present consists of a cupboard with a washer, dryer and small sink in it. I’m coping… just. A-M xx

    • Mud room-pool run—love it!

  3. Love, love, love mud rooms! I too grew up in the midwest and though we did have what I call, a large closet, it was not as glamorous as the built-in mudrooms that you find in New England. One of my favorite photographs is from Rachel Whiting Photography. I just think it is so charming!

  4. We had the best mudroom in London, but then we had mud too. A month into our life in Arizona there is little room for a mudroom, and the utility rooms are all attached to the garage…but in our next home I will make sure we have a ‘sand room’ at the rear of the house, just makes perfect sense.

    The first room is to die for, imagine having a space for each person- like all your birthdays had come at once.

    All the best, Coryanne

    • A sand room! How funny! Never thought of that!

  5. How fun, I had no idea it was more of a NE term! I love a good mud room its especially useful for all those with kids and those like me with multiple coats in the winter! Great group of photos!

  6. I admire how some people are so organized!!

  7. Oh how I love mud rooms too! I’d have to say the first one is my favorite!

  8. Great post!!
    mud room fantastic selection!!
    greetings from Spain

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