Posted by: stacystyle | May 13, 2010

StacyStyle Caught in the Act!

I’m a photo stylist. What can I say. Sometimes things aren’t always as they appear. While I really strive to maintain the integrity and authenticity of the houses I style for photo shoots, there are sometimes small acts that when you look at them in the great scheme of things are well, a little over the top.

Take yesterday for instance. My photographer Michael Partenio asks me to give the lilac topiaries in this pristine New Canaan, Connecticut, yard a little more oomph. My first thought was, “You’re crazy. They’re perfect.” But of course, as with anything there was room for improvement. My apologies to gardeners everywhere. I took other clipped lilac blooms and added them randomly to this one. The resulting photo will appear in a future issue of New England Home Connecticut.



  1. I love this!….and I get it completely…

  2. I love this pic of you. I’m jealous of those lilac bushes but psyched to know that sometimes magazine photos are embellished! 🙂

  3. I love this Stacy! How beautiful

  4. What a great in the moment picture! Its interesting to see what can viewed differently through a photographers lens!

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