Posted by: stacystyle | May 9, 2010

Recent Magazine Covers by StacyStyle

On this windy day I wanted to get caught up on a few magazine covers that have been recently published that I’ve styled. There are few things more thrilling to a stylist than to be stuck in line at the grocery store and to see something that you’ve produced staring back at you. I hope you’ve seen some of these around!

Rachel Reider Interiors. Photograph by Laura Moss.

Cindy Rinfret, Rinfret Home Interiors. Photograph by Michael Partenio.

Interior design and interior architecture by Wilson Kelsey Design. Photograph by Laura Moss.

Cindy Rinfret,



  1. Great work ! I am an Interior Design,Photo styles and author of “What Were You Thinking?” Recognizing costly mistakes that every one makes” . Plus, I write monthly magazine articles for Today`s Home and Busy Bee Trader and a few in other magazines from time to time. I know how stressful your job can be at the same time very rewarding. Talent recognizes talent.

  2. Stacy: Loved your “recent magazine covers” by StacyStyle. Happy to be in there. Sally

  3. Stacy
    Beautiful work! Am so in love with the most recent NEHome cover. Great Day. a

    • Thanks, Ana!

    • Ana: It was so nice to hear that you are in love with the most recent cover, because that is my project! on the May/June N.E. Home. Thanks.

  4. Stacy you are so talented! I love your different takes on dining tablescapes. I am learning so much just by viewing your covers. thanks for pointing them out and sharing! The Conn is my favorite, the color story is so soothing to me.

  5. These are some of my favorite covers, Stacy! You are very talented!

    • Thanks so much, Yvonne! Much appreciated!

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