Posted by: stacystyle | April 19, 2010

From “oh” to “whoa!” Styling makes it better.

Unless someone has some experience with photo shoots it can be difficult to explain to people exactly what it is that I do for a living. While I wear a lot of hats (writer, editor, tv commentator, stylist, producer), the majority of my time is spent styling interiors for magazines. But what is styling? Sometimes it merely consists of bringing in the appropriate flowers and accessories to brighten the room. Other times I might add a rug, pillows, and move the furniture around a bit. The easiest way to illustrate what I do though is to show you a before and after of a room. This one is perhaps a little more extreme than others, but you can see we just tried to wow it up a bit. Of course the right photographer, lens, and lighting certainly help too. These “after” shots were taken three or four years ago for Better Homes & Gardens magazine by Michael Partenio. As always you can click on the photos to make them larger.



  1. I love this post, Stacy! Great example of the benefit of using a stylist … whether for a photo shoot or just to make a home look “magazine pretty.”

  2. Stacy I love seeing your befores and afters it great to see how a few small changes can literally transform a space. You are so talented and I appreciate all your advice!

    • Thanks so much! Any time! sk

  3. […] credits: House Beautiful, Southern Living, Cottage Living, Stacy Style (who, by the way, rocks, and if you tweet you should follow her […]

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