Posted by: stacystyle | April 9, 2010

Stop and say ahhhhh. . . .

Sometimes, after a freakishly busy day (like most of my days), it’s hard to unwind before going to bed. There are evenings when hot baths, hot soy milk, white wine, red wine, a really, really boring book, or The Masters Tournament (I’m addicted) are simply not enough to help me disengage from the day. It’s then I look at my photos from my many ferry crossings between Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. The expanse of them helps me breathe. It also gives me hope of returning soon. Safe crossings.



  1. Oh wow… Stacy you are right on the mark. Looking at your ferry crossing shots takes one away immediately from the distractions of the day and right on to the deck, feeling the fog blow by, hearing the bells of the buoys, and feeling the thrum of the engines below your feet. It’s almost freaky, how a few pixels can change your outlook with a click of a mouse. So cool… wait, I can’t stop *mad clicking sounds*…

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