Posted by: stacystyle | January 31, 2010

Sometimes it’s really hard to be a stylist.

I really feel for anyone who had to style and produce a photo shoot in the last few weeks. Even sisters down in Atlanta and Little Rock had a lot of weather to deal with. There’s hardly a day that goes by that someone doesn’t tell me what a glamorous job I have, but seriously, you should have seen me slip-slidin’ across my steep driveway carrying heavy boxes of props. I know you New Englanders are going to ask why my plow guy hadn’t been there yet. I’m looking into it.



  1. I envy your job of creating the images that we design enthusiasts love to pour over in shelter magazines! Your work is refreshingly beautiful. As a design blogger, I do appreciate being able to find “content” at home when the weather is bad … ( Can you share some of your interiors on your blog?

    • Thanks so much, Yvonne! I’m so happy that you made a comment so that I know about you now. Maybe I should come look at your house! My house is going through some big changes that I hope to blog about soon. I think you have a wonderful idea about vignettes, so maybe I’ll start small and then show the bigger picture.

      • My house always seems to be under construction (designer wife + contractor husband = many works in progress!) I hope to someday *soon* show some full views of finished rooms in my house and (in a more distant future) the barn. I would love to have you over to take a look … when we are ready to entertain stylish visitors : )

      • Keep me posted! I am always looking for rooms and whole houses for all of the magazines for whom I work!

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