Posted by: stacystyle | January 31, 2010

Organization practical and pretty


Two weeks ago I styled and produced a photo shoot for a Better Homes & Gardens publication called “Storage.” I am not an obsessively organized person when it comes to my own home, but I was so impressed with the homeowner (who is launching her own company as a professional organizer), and her ideas that I thought I would use the inspiration to do a bit of organizing on my own.

While the plastic containers I purchased at Target do nothing for me aesthetically, they are quite practical in keeping those little bits contained. I now have one for ribbon bits, one for I-Pod bits, one for picture hooks, votive candles, small boxes, tags, you get the picture. These are the things that can be easily stacked and hidden in closets so that people won’t comment on the amount of plastic I’ve brought into my life. I like too that I can see through the containers without reading the labels.

Another part of me longed for that same type of organization but needed it to be rooted in beauty. One of my favorite haunts for prop shopping that I’ve mentioned here before is Red Chair Antiques in Peterborough, New Hampshire ( The owner, Jocie Sinauer, is a true collector and is quite deft in keeping her many disparate collections organized. A few weeks ago I went crazy for a group of antique French canning jars that now hold my teas, spices, and nuts in my pantry. Today it was a collection of gorgeous hotel silver bowls with lids, which she wraps in such a deliciously delightful way that I had to include snapshots of their unveiling. Jocie says they were old sugar bowls. They are heavy and handled and oh-so shiny. Perfect for a bedroom (jewelry, buttons, bangles, pocket change) or bath (cotton balls, sponges, eye makeup accessories, samples). I might even cluster them on a tray as a group. Come to think of it, they would be beautiful additions to the kitchen on a tray next to the range holding an array of herbs. I’ll keep you posted.


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