Posted by: stacystyle | December 24, 2009

Christmas Wrapping Take 2

I finished wrapping the last of the  Christmas presents last night. The craft paper, glue, and glitter route I took this year is so simple, but it was just so much fun. My 4-year-old nephew is just crazy about deer and pretending to be a hunter, so I went to a clip art  site and downloaded a deer silhouette for him. My 7-year-old niece is horse crazy so she’s getting a gift with a glittering running horse on it. In cleaning out a closet this summer I found the Mickey and Minnie Mouse ornaments that a p.r. person at Disney had sent to me during my travel writing days and repurposed them on the outside of gifts. They already have glitter details, so they were just perfect. I’m almost disappointed there aren’t more gifts to wrap now!

I have to hand it to you wonderfully talented people out there whose blogs I now turn to for inspiration. I am not a crafty person. This simple attempt is probably the craftiest I ever been. But you inspire me and teach me and I appreciate it! Merry Christmas!


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